The Capital City Flyout // KIAD-KCLT // CRJ-700 // ASH6023

What’s up IFC! Today I hosted the Capital City Flyout at Washington-Dulles International Airport. Here are some photos of my flyout and my flight to Charlotte.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:51
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Airline: United Express
Callsign: Air Shuttle 6023

Boarding at the gate

Taxiing to runway 30

Rotating out of Dulles

Turning south while a Qatar A350 departs

Cruising at 28,000 feet down to Charlotte

Descending into the Queen City

On final approach

Touchdown in the Queen City

Thanks for viewing and thanks to all that attended!


I’m arrive in 55min into SFO

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Nice! I was watching you on LiveFlight earlier when you were over the Midwest

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Cool shots! I love the last one!

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@Marcel001 thank you