The Canadians really want to get home

My Pro subscription expired recently and before I decide to renew it, I wanted to test the limits of the non-pro map. Just as an experiment (do not try this at home ;).

My goal was to get from Chicago O’Hare to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and I never thought I would be able to fly all the way from Chicago to there.

And I was right. I couldn’t fly there.

I took from ORD in an Air Canada A321 with no passengers, no cargo, and only 2 hrs of fuel. Then, I left the engines at 100% power. By the time I left the Oshkosh region, and my engines were cut, I was at 41,000 ft and at 730 knots.

I only made it to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan when I touched down in a field.

By this point I thought it was over. There were still 15 miles to go to YAM airport. But I was bored, so I just let the plane taxi. Somehow, the A321 was able to taxi with no engines for 15 miles (through a bay as well)! I was at about 55 kts when I jumped onto the runway, and was even able to park at gate.

This test was almost entirely luck so I doubt if it’s replicable.

No, this is not in the live category because it was done in solo mode.



Wait then how did the Canadians get home? There were no pax. 😂


The pilot and co-pilot ;)


Fair enough. 🤣

Im willing to bet you could probably get from London to Paris, just a thought though

Probably, but only Amsterdam is free. However, I’m guessing you could make it to London and Paris from there (barely)


Wait the A321 can go super sonic at 100% throttle? That’s news to me

Congrats man! I’ve tried something similar to this, but I didn’t know it was actually possible. Well done!


I have played Infinite Flight every since 2016. I have purchased every aircraft and region. Before global came out you were able to buy regions.

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Yes I remember those days, I just never purchased any regions sadly. In retrospect, I should have though. I think I first discovered IF in 2014 on the iPhone 4 if I remember correctly.

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I remember too, and I never bought any. I was stuck with the default regions ever since 2015 up until I got my sub in 2019. 😂


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Did I set the tone of sending memes and stuff lmao

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Prepare one of these for me as well, i managed to fly from i think KLAX to KSFO, without Pro, when those were still two different regions, like 2 or 3 years ago. And i mean i actually flew the distance!

Ill see if i can find a link to the timelapsed vid ;)

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well now you can california has been expanded. You can also fly into Las Vegas and Reno even without a pro subscription

On my non-pro times SFO and LAX were different regions, now even reno and vegas are there in the same one. Thats good for non-pro ers though.

What? Was it expanded further in the beta? I dont remember it going all the way to Las Vegas

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