The Canadian Bush - It’s Stunning!


Not expecting another topic form me? Well stop not-expecting no longer, because it is I, @Butter_Boi! Today I have brought forth to you, another #screenshots-and-videos topic, full of photos from a recent flight I did. I went up north like a always do, but not up to Alaska, this time I flew in Canada! Shocker, I know. I took the little CXub, the signature plane of the bush, and I flew it from Iskut Village to Dease Lake Airport, both in British Columbia, Canada. So enough of me just typing, talking, etc. Time to see some photos, or it wouldn’t be a #screenshots-and-videos topic!

Little photo I took walking to my XCub, ready for a journey almost due north to Dease Lake. Already you can see the beautiful mountains in the background, those mountains are all over BC, Canada and AK, Alaska (though the mountain ranges have different names).

Just after takeoff, I climbed up to 5,000 feet to clear the mountains that surround the Iskut Village community. My window is open so I can get some fresh air, because that’s good for you.

I reached 10,000 feet, which was going to be my cruise altitude for the flight. Nothin like cruisin’ in an XCub, am I right? Since I was VFR, I followed the Stikine River, for the first half of my flight, which is seen here.

Again, more mountains! This area of the world, Alaska, USA and BC, Canada and littered with them. But that’s a good thing, mountains are cool. And by now, I’m on my second half of my flight, ow I’m navigating via highway BC-37.

Seen as my windows open, it’s a good opportunity to go ahead and show off the lovely mountains of Canada. My XCub’s wing is also in the photo, but it doesn’t have eyes to enjoy the scenery sadly.

Now I’ve started my steep descent into Dease Lake Airport, on my way to a not so buttery landing on runway 20. Luckily, I didn’t have to clear any mountains for this landing, unlike on takeoff.

My landing was not good, in fact it was BAD, I didn’t get a photo of it. But once I parked, I shut down my mighty XCub. It got me from point A to B well, it’s a good plane. The true plane of the north.

Heads up, “The Spirit of Alaska [Part 3]” is coming soon, don’t worry.

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