The Camera and the Beast (Ft. The Binocular as the Third Wheel)

As you guys might have heard, the A380 is officially getting its first taste of America! Services began on July 1st between LHR and DFW. So, I snatched the opportunity to go ahead and take a few photos at DFW. (sorry for poor quality)

A 737-800 from somewhere up north.

An A321-200 with those long, slanted winglets that make it so attractive! 🥵

Another A321 (I saw a lot today)

Now…for the main attraction, after years of storage it is BACK! THE AIRBUS A380!

Only thing that was disappointing about the landing was the reverse thrust because I didn’t hear anything. :(

i’ll probably do some more spotting topics later, but for now, i think these are pretty good. (i’ll probably get a camera next time a bump a topic like this)


bump lol

Nice that the A380 is back at DFW. Truly a Texas sized plane.

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@Delta saw it too!

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