The Californian Group Flight

Hi everyone,
Want to make a group flight from San Diego International (KSAN) to Los Angeles INTL (KLAX). Inviting anyone to join we’ll start at 8:00 PM EDT. We’ll wait a few minutes and start heading for the runways at exactly 8:10 PM EDT. When we are cleared for takeoff is when we leave San Diego and whenever we land is the end time. Everyone flies at an altitude of 12,000 feet and 450 knots. I will be flying a Boeing 777- 300ER with an Aeroflot Paint Scheme. My call name will be N881NB. Spawn at General Aviation Parking @ San Diego. We will play in the ATC Playground, so remember that there is a speed restriction of 250 knots below 10,000 feet.

Comment your call name and we’ll wait for you!

Hope to see everyone there!!!

(@etrosty) The comment “Let’s make the ATC’s go crazy” is an explosive remark! I note that you joined yesterday. I’ve Flagged you, let it be a pointed lesson to you! I hope the flagging is repeated by the more mature who share my view that the reckless & irresponsible are not welcome by a few of us here! “MAD” Max Send

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I have to agree with max on this one! I am one of many who is trying to co ordinate pilots with ATC using trainings! For your own sake do what ATC tells you until they say resume own navigation!

I have also flagged but learn from it rather than take offence from it!


John Gerard


Why would you want to make the ATC go crazy that is not funny. I hope you get reported


I flagged it to


Dude-Don’t mess with the ATC. They could make your next flight living hell if they wanted to 😁.

Long live the DC-9!

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I flagged it to. As far as I know, ATC is basically the supreme leader of flight.

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I ahve a question about what etrosty wrote. When he says there is a speed restricion of 250 knots below 10,000 feet. Was he telling us to go that fast below 10,000 feet and make the atc mad?

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Hmm even though this is not aimed at I don’t think that’s what he mint or else he is not familiar with ATC procedure


You guys, by “let’s make the ATC crazy” I think he meant that as “let’s get as many people to participate as possible” not "let’s troll/irritate the controllers.

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(@Blackbird71) I have no idea what the guy was implying with the speed gate!
( I have the impression from what I read here that there some misconceptions exists about the role of ATC.)
(@Boeing707). “don’t mess with ATC” Let’s not go there! Your a player here people listen to you. The Pilot/ATC war is already sparked. Why throw gas on the fire.
(@JGK00). I don’t no what he ment it was garbled!
(@SirKS). First impressions! each of us interpret based on our world view.
Every bodies right all the time, just ask’em

ALL: Etrosty got whacked here today. Hopefully, we all learned from this incident. Say it clear and concise before you loose the whirlwind! I know better than all of you about overloading mouth or not being artful when you blog. Please don’t take this comment as an affront. Just a gut feeling. We mature Pilots need to cool the jets. We don’t need hostility among communities. There enough wagon circles already. Just Sayin, Max Sends