The Californian Group Flight (2)

Hi everyone,
Want to make a group flight from San Diego International (KSAN) to Los Angeles INTL (KLAX). Inviting anyone to join we’ll start at 8:00 PM EDT. We’ll wait a few minutes and start heading for the runways at exactly 8:10 PM EDT. When we are cleared for takeoff is when we leave San Diego and whenever we land is the end time. Everyone flies at an altitude of 12,000 feet and 450 knots. I will be flying a Boeing 777- 300ER with an Aeroflot Paint Scheme. My call name will be N881NB. Spawn at General Aviation Parking @ San Diego. We will play in the ATC Playground, so remember that there is a speed restriction of 250 knots below 10,000 feet.

Comment your call name and we’ll wait for you!

Hope to see everyone there!!!

P.S. Very sorry about my last post I didn’t mean anything bad at all to the ATC :frowning: .


This is tomorrow?

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Ok, ill join this event. Just to make sure is this event starting tomorrow?

Callsign: J412AD
Username: Jonathan Adrian
Aircraft: 777-300ER AirFrance SKYTEAM livery

Looking to see everyone if this event is tomorrow!

Apologies accepted! Just for future reference be careful what you post so that everyone interpets you in a positive note!


John Gerard.

Tes everyone, this event is tomorrow @Jonathan_Adrian @Carson

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Tpday sorry

Ok i will jump on your band wagon

Ok, thanks. Looking forward to see ya! :smile:

Yes, this event is July 18th, 2015.