The Cactus 757 Leaving the City of Cacti for a Sunrise on the River Visual

Today I did one of my flight where I set an alarm for 4AM where I wake up, fly the plane up to cruising altitude and wake up when I need to start my descent. I flew Phoenix to Washington D.C. in a U.S. Airways 757 and as you may know, before they were bought by American Airlines their callsign was “Cactus”. American flies this route with the 757 in real life and I wish they would keep a few planes in their old US Air liveries. Flight time was 3 hours 32 minutes

Flight Details

Boeing 757-200
3 Hours 32 Minutes

Climbing out of Phoenix with the midnight mountains looming the background Flying over the plains of the Texas Panhandle The sun glows against the plane just before we start to descend into Washington The silhouette of the 757 against the dark mountains of West Virginia Flying over the Appalachian Mountain Range just before crossing the border into Virgina The sun shines against the Nation’s capital “American 643 cleared visual approach Runway 19” • The river visual where pilots are only meters away from being met with F-16 fighters The famous last second bank to align with runway 19 Nothing stressful at all about turning 45 degrees less than a mile from the airport in a 757 with a short runway and a 20 knot crosswind Welcome to Washington! 🇺🇸

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Haha, trust me when I say it WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BUTTER

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Seems like a stressful approach! Lovely pics, had me rly engaged!

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I can’t even imagine how stressful it is in real life!

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