The Cabo San Lucas Flyout 5MAY24


Exactly. Cause we’ll all be bumping into each other if we don’t 😂

Ok ill make sure to do that

@Aiden_Hodges interesting taxi you did there

I didn’t know where the lines were, so that’s my bad but hey we are.

Off I go! 3 hours to Driggs


I only have about a 1 1/2 flight

@Prestoni would you mind if I shared my events?


@T.Malone Get in front of me so you can go out with the group

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I will have to spawn now. Sorry.

Go for it!

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There is still a line lol

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I’m in a rush though

Yeah it’s 7 planes deep, about to be 8

Nice views flying out northbound 😍

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Thank you 😊. I’m right behind you. Don’t give me too much wake turbulence lol

Just won’t attend. Imma fly LAX-OGG.

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If I am trying to give the least power possible to only break the resistance and the aircraft advance alone

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Well I’m off to Atlanta, Georgia! Happy landings to all!