The C172 World Tour!

the iconic F-HATZ from wikipedia

Hello everyone and welcome to the huge Cessna 172 World Tour! I have made this in the live category as I am not sure how long this event will take and it is not respectful to have an event held for this long of a time, my guess for how long this event will take is 5+ months, we will be doing one flight almost every day. We will be flying into more than 190 airports! Including many cities that our fellow IFC members call home! here is our carefully picked flight map below!

Some airports without IATA codes are not included on the map, as well as airports we may have to stop at to refuel

Now you may be wondering why I have selected these airports. Well, I have chosen them for various reasons including IFC members, scenery, and traffic levels. Here are some of the amazing airports we will visit along the journey:

Stanley, Falkland Islands - this will be the airport where we start! we will then make our way up North until crossing the pond into Europe, then flying South into Africa, then flying East towards the Bering Strait! That is when we will make out final trip South all the way back to the Falkland Islands!

Torrance, USA - I have chosen this city because it is the major GA hub for Los Angeles, we should be getting some great views of the busy LAX as we takeoff and head to San Carlos.

Biggin Hill, United Kingdom - I picked this airport because it lies near London! We should get great views of London Heathrow when landing/departing here!

Arusha, Tanzania - This doesn’t need much of an explanation… Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!

Doha, Qatar - I have chosen this great city because of the best VA, Qatari Virtual! I highly recommend you guys join as we always have people saying it is the best airline they have ever been in, see you there!

Juneau, USA - This really goes for any airport in Alaska, this is our most beautiful state by far and the views here are absolutely amazing!

Tyler, USA - I have picked this one because it is the home of @EastTexasAviationYT ! This get almost no traffic and I would love to see it filled up!

Caribbean Airports - I have include TNCM, TFFJ, and TNCS just for the fun of it! Saint Barts’ unique approach and Sabas short runway make these airports some of the most fun airports to fly at!

We will also see many other great sights along the trip! You may attend any leg along the journey!

This World Tour will start on 2023-09-01T05:00:00Z and end around 2024-02-01T06:00:00Z
I will be posting about each flight 1 day before it takes place in the replies below!

Attendees: please let me know if you are attending and I will add you to the list below!

1: @BP-Aviation
2: @BurgerAddict
3: @Butter575 on weekends

1: @BenjiTheBull
2: @United403
3: @EastTexasAviationYT
4: @David_Mullen
5: @Bay_Area_Aviation under 2 hour flights
6: @Mathurin_Garcier Kenya flights
7: @Oscar_Rosero
8: @mrAA
9: @Jay003
10: @BurgerAddict
11: @ian_AV
more to be added

See you guys there!


I will try to attend as many as I can lol my marching schedule is kinda all over the place

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great! see you there!

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leg one!!!

Altitude: 4,000 ft
Speed: 2200 RPM
Fuel: 131 kgs, 289 lbs
PAX: 1
Cargo: 23 kgs, 50 lbs
Departure Time: 2023-09-01T21:00:00Z
Flight Time: about 4 hours
Arrival Time: 2023-09-02T01:00:00Z
Departure Runway: 27
Arrival Runway: 08
Flight Plan: MTP ATOKI GRA
Let me know if I am missing anything
@United403 @EastTexasAviationYT please let me know if you guys can attend


First leg I can’t I have a football game to attend

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got it : )

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Looks like fun. Sign me up please. Feel free to post links to some or all of the flights on the IFGAC group flights channel.

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Roger and Roger!

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If there’s any routes that are under an hour to just under 2 I could probably join. I’ll keep an eye on this post!



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If I am free when you fly I will try to open a couple of the airports! Looks super cool!

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great! good thing we are flying to a lot of C/D airports!

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Indeed, means I should be able to jump out the departing airport with enough time to jump into the arrival airport.

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Fly much… omg

Vary ambitious, good luck!

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Soccer u mean lmao

Easy dood. That’s Friday night in Texas you’re talking about. Proper Football.


Nah this is murica it’s real football

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Question, how can you call a sport you play with your hands foot-ball? The ball is not even shaped like a ball either.

Super cool! Though sad it does not go into Kenya, I built 9 GA airstrips/airports which would’ve been perfect 😢

If you want Kilimajaro, HKAM is at the base of the volcano, and 3D.

Anyways, I’ll probably join in on some legs whenever I’m free !!


We call it football because soccer is already it’s own sport.