The Butteriest Landing

My finest landing yet. However, I still cannot land in the cockpit view. Too hard right now.

8:30 Flight Time
Expert Server
American Airlines


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And amazing landing

amazing landing!
tips for the cockpit landing: most of the planes flare at 20/30. you need to find the sweet spot for that and just keep the nose up!

The hardest part about cockpit landing is how the HUD and the circle thing are distorted, making me unaware if I’m stalling lol.

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Nice landing

Awesome landing! Great work! :)

Butta😎and about cockpit view… i always landed and TO on locked i couldnt do cockpit view to save my life but i just disciplined myself to do it and now i use nothing but the cockpit view and it took less than 2 weeks for me to adapt to

@Swiss would be proud…

Great landing! I also always landed on locked view and my cockpit landings were trash. I saw a bunch of you tubers doing the “hud” view so I tried it and that has really worked for me. My landings have really improved and like @Levi.TT it didn’t take long to adapt to it either.

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Whats the fpm I would assume like -90 or something :0

Yep. that’s a great landing, not just soft but also on centerline without landing like halfway down the runway.

Amazing landing! Absolutely a butter!!

amazing BUTTER