The busy Miami FLY-OUT || @8SEP23 [CANCELEDDD]

Welcome in Miami
Miami is city of USA and the population is 12 million inhabitants.Miami is the most beautiful city in USA.In Miami it’s not very cold.

Details event Miami Airport,so this event is for everyone,take your gate and your destination,and don’t forget the time!

Server: Expert

Airport: Miami international airport !

Time: 8 September !


Miami airport,have 6 terminals !!

Terminal J

Gate J3
Gate J5
Gate J7
Gate J9
Gate J11
Gate J15
Gate J17
Gate J18
Gate J2
Gate J4
Gate J6
Gate J8
Gate J10
Gate J12
Gate J14
Gate J16

Terminal H

Gate H3
Gate H5
Gate H7
Gate H11
Gate H15
Gate H17
Gate H4
Gate H6
Gate H8
Gate H10
Gate H12
Gate H14

Terminal G

Gate G3
Gate G5
Gate G7
Gate G9
Gate G11
Gate G15
Gate G19
Gate G16
Gate G2
Gate G4
Gate G6
Gate G8
Gate G10
Gate G12
Gate G14

I take terminal G G7, Aircraft B738 American,Destination ::: JFK

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