The Busy Kansas City Flyout

passing through 8,000ft now, well on my way to PDX
thanks for hosting and providing ATC service @BenjiTheBull !
safe flights everyone!

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@RagonDragon Thanks for coming!
@United403 sadly I need to get ready for a wedding
@PhorzaSky you are just a rookie
@MANDELA Thanks for coming by!
@anon36731834 Have a good flight!


I do agree with this here statement 🤣

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Oi! I forgot to take off some weight before taking off lol. You try doing that without veering off to the left and right


I had some weight issues on my takeoff as well, caused some acceleration issues (especially with this surprise A350 bearing down on me)

I had no weight issues and did 3500vs 😏😏

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Btw, where were you during the Breeze event? You said you wouldn’t miss it

Helping with a garage sale

Thanks for hosting this! Also my first time flying out with some other Southwest VA peeps!


Excuses! I’m telling Pilot

Roger that

@BenjiTheBull would you mind if I shared 2 of my events?

@United403 short flight lol how was it

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Final approach snuck up on me 😐😐😐😳😳😳
Had to dump the flaps and get from 240 to 140 in about a mile

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Go ahead!

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Just parked at the gate in Orleans. Thanks again @BenjiTheBull for an awesome event and fun route!


@BenjiTheBull just arrived at Pensacola International airport!


Welcome to Miami!! 🏝️😎 thanks @BenjiTheBull for the event, hopefully we get the new MCI layout soon.