The Busy Kansas City Flyout

Spawning in now

Old Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
6 Southwest Raleigh B737 @SouthwestVirtual
7 Southwest Denver B737 @SouthwestVirtual
8 Southwest Minneapolis B737 @SouthwestVirtual
9 Southwest St. Louis B737 @MANDELA
10 Southwest Washington National B737 @SouthwestVirtual
11 Southwest Cancún B738 @SouthwestVirtual
12 Southwest Austin B737 @SouthwestVirtual
14 Southwest Atlanta B737 @SouthwestVirtual
15 Southwest Phoenix B738 @SouthwestVirtual
16 Southwest San Diego B737 @SouthwestVirtual
17 Southwest Omaha B737 @United403
18 Southwest Las Vegas B738 @November197NW
19 Southwest New Orleans B737 @RagonDragon
21 Southwest Fort Myers B737 -
23 Southwest Seattle B738
24 Southwest Long Beach B738
25 Southwest Pensacola B738 @im_APdude
28 Southwest Laguardia B737
29 Southwest Portland B738
30 Southwest Raleigh B737 @MrGoatX
Old Terminal B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
31 Spirit Las Vegas A321
32 Spirit Los Angeles A321
33 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 -
34 Spirit Orlando A319
35 Spirit Pensacola A320
37 Frontier Denver A320
38 Frontier Las Vegas A321
39 Spirit Fort Myers A320 -
40 Frontier Cancun A321 @Avaitor1
41 Frontier Philadelphia A321
43 Jetblue Boston BCS3 @Jay003
45 Alaska Portland E175 -
50 Alaska Portland E175 -
52 Alaska Portland E175 @anon36731834
57 Allegiant Orlando Sanford A320
58 Allegiant St. Pete/ Clearwater A320
59 Allegiant Destin/Fort Walton A320
60 Air Canada Toronto CRJ9
Old Terminal C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
61 Delta Atlanta B757 @Skyline_AV
62 Delta Minneapolis A320 @Ty_Davis
63 Delta Minneapolis A320 @Mort
64 Delta Atlanta B757 @AmericanB772
67 Delta Salt Lake City BCS3 @WonderousBuilder641
68 Delta Los Angeles B739
69 United Denver A320
72A Delta New York JFK A321
73 United Chicago E175
76 United San Francisco B738
77 United Houston A320
78 United Newark B738 @American367
79 American Dallas B738 @Stephen_Day
81 United Washington Dulles A320
82 American Charlotte A321 @thenewpilot
83 American Washington National E175
84 American Phoenix B738
85 American Miami B738 @NonStopsAviation
87 American Cancun A320 @ayyjay
88 American Philadelphia A321 @717Flier
89 American Austin E175
90 American Chicago A319
Cargo Stands
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
CARGO 01 Amazon Air (Generic) Lakeland B738
CARGO FEDEX 01 FedEx (Generic) Fort Worth Alliance B752
CARGO FEDEX 03 FedEx (Generic) Memphis B763
CARGO FEDEX 05 FedEx (Generic) Indianapolis B763
CARGO UPS 01 UPS (Generic) Chicago Rockford B752
CARGO UPS 02 UPS Louisville MD11
Special Flights
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
MAINT AVIATION 01 United Airlines Washington Dulles (Chiefs Charter) B77W
MAINT JET MIDWEST 01 Generic Jacksonville (Jaguars Charter) B744
MAINT AVIATION 02 Air Force One Joint Base Andrews (President Movement) VC-25A
MAINT JET MIDWEST 03 Eastern Airlines (Generic) Victorville (Plane Retirement Flight B77W

event is in 10 minutes

you have summoned me

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i’m noticing a theme here… a very southwest theme


Noticed the elephant in the room?

the one that rhymes with ‘Airbus A350’?

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I am reporting you

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I figured I show up since this sounds like your last event

pushbacks are approved

and could be my last flight (although I’ll probably takeoff and go to another location) but if my sub is still around by tonight, I’ll be recreating the last Alaska A21N flight

either way, this’ll definitely be my longest EJet flight

Can’t join anymore sorry

Hey @BenjiTheBull, how quickly can you get me airborne and on final for 19R?

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We really gonna race to the runway i see

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as fast as you can start your engines lol

looks like you won

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Off to New Orleans thanks so much @BenjiTheBull for giving KC some love. Happy landings y’all.


@BenjiTheBull just about 15 minutes till I land in Omaha!! Thanks for hosting

Edit: will you be open on frequency for a while? I’d love to make this a round trip 😜


Well that didn’t go to plan. It’s harder than I thought to wing wobble lol

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Thanks for hosting and ATC @BenjiTheBull
Got about 25 minutes to St. Louis!

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