The Busy Atlanta Flyout 7APR24

Welcome to the Atlanta Flyout! Hosted by @Prestoni! Atlanta is located in central Georgia and is the mega hub for Delta airlines, with smaller regional airlines having a base there, which are, Southwest, Frontier, and Spirit. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport is the busiest airport in the world, with 93.6 million passengers in 2022. Hartsfield-Jackson averages 275,000 passengers a day. On average, there are 2,700 arrivals and departures daily. Atlanta is known for Known for the Georgia Aquarium, Ponce City Market, and the iconic Peachtree roads, from beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, a thriving street art scene, and a range of festivals and events, Atlanta is a beautiful city! Come help me fill up the worlds busiest airport! Join me on this awesome flyout!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Time: 2024-04-07T19:30:00Z
Airport: Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport KATL
Please spawn 15 minutes before event time!

Concourse T
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
T01 Delta Jackson Hole B757
T02 Delta Boise A321
T03 Delta Tampa B757
T04 Delta Fort Lauderdale B757
T05 Delta Barbados B757
T06 Delta Chicago Midway A319
T07 Delta Austin A320
T08 Delta New Orleans B757
T09 Delta Key West A319
T10 United Chicago A320
T11 American Dallas A319
T12 United Denver B738
T13 American Charlotte CRJ9
T14 Jetblue Boston A320 @Jetblue1269
T15 American Philadelphia CRJ9
T16 United Newark A320
T17 American Miami B738
Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
A01 Delta Puerto Vallarta B757
A02 Delta Las Vegas B757
A03 Delta Kansas City A319
A04 Delta Bozeman B757 @CedricFlys
A05 Delta Cancun B739
A06 Delta Norfolk B757
A07 Delta Colorado Springs B738
A09 Delta Mexico City B757 @Olivia12
A10 Delta Kingston B738
A11 Delta Montrose B738
A12 Delta Anchorage B757
A15 Delta Eagle/Vail B757
A16 Delta St. Thomas B757
A17 Delta Salt Lake City A321
A18 Delta Orlando B757
A19 Delta Liberia B739
A20 Delta Jacksonville B757
A21 Delta Detroit B757
A24 Delta Richmond B757
A25 Delta Seattle B757
A26 Delta Palm Springs B739
A27 Delta Hayden CO B757
A28 Delta Sacramento A321
A29 Delta Cedar Rapids A319
A30 Delta Oakland B738
A31 Delta Boston A321
A32 Delta Washington National A319 @deltaoutofdca
A33 Delta San Salvador B738 @American367
A34 Delta St. Marteen B757
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
B01 Delta Belize City B757
B02 Delta Nashville B738
B03 Delta Omaha BCS3
B04 Delta Denver B739
B05 Delta Raleigh A319
B06 Delta Phoenix BCS3
B07 Delta Bogata B767
B09 Delta Burlington VT A319
B10 Delta Ontario CA B738
B11 Delta Portland B739
B12 Delta White Plains A319
B13 Delta San Antonio A320
B14 Delta Puerto Plata B757
B16 Delta Santo Domingo B757
B17 Delta Cozumel A319
B18 Delta Sarasota B757
B19 Delta Roatan B757
B20 Delta Orange County B757
B21 Delta Quito B757
B22 Delta Punta Cana B757
B23 Delta Myrtle Beach B757
B24 Delta Nassua A319
B25 Delta Indianapolis B738
B26 Delta Daytona Beach B757
B27 Delta Guatemala City B739
B28 Delta Greensboro A319
B29 Delta Providenciales B757
B32 Delta Reno B738 @RagonDragon
B33 delta Cleveland A319
B34 Delta Harrisburg A319
B36 Delta Cincinnati A320
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
C01 Delta Toronto A320
C02 Delta Tulsa A320
C03 Delta Milwaukee A319
C04 Delta Knoxville E175
C05 Delta Providence A320 @Sky-Riders
C06 Delta Aruba B757
C07 Delta Buffalo B738
C09 Delta Greenville/Spartanburg A320
C10 Delta San Salvador B739
C12 Delta Little Rock E175
C13 Delta New York LGA A321 @Javery_Mclean
C14 Delta Sioux Falls A320
C15 Delta Syracuse A320
C16 Delta Charlottesville A319
C17 Delta El Paso A320
C20 Delta Los Angeles A321
C21 Delta Montego Bay B739
C22 Delta San Jose del Cabo B739
C30 Southwest Pensacola B737 @FlightLA205
C33 Southwest St. Louis B737 @CedricFlys
C34 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C35 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C36 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C37 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C40 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C41 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C42 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C43 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C46 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C47 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
C49 Southwest Columbus B737
C50 Southwest Miami B738
C52 Southwest Cancun B738
C55 Southwest Phoenix B738
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
D01 Delta Alexandria CRJ7 @Random_AviatorYT
D01A Delta Hilton Head E175
D02 Delta Valdosta CRJ2
D03 Delta South Bend E175
D04 Delta Allentown CRJ2
D05 Delta Dothan CRJ2
D06 Delta Brunswick CRJ2
D07 Delta Charelston WV E175
D08 Delta Moline/Quad Cities CRJ7
D08A Delta Lafayette CRJ7
D09 Delta March Harbour E175
D09A Delta George Town E175
D10 Delta Augusta CRJ2
D11 Delta Aspen CRJ7
D12 Delta North Eleuthera E175
D13 Aeromexico Guadalajara E190
D14 Aeromexico Monterrey E190
D15 Aeromexico Merida E190
D16 WestJet Calgary B738
D21 Air Canada Montreal CRJ9
D23 Alaska San Diego B738
D24 Air Canada Toronto BCS3
D25 Alaska Seattle B739 @Manishpatil44
D26 Jetblue Boston BCS3
D27 Jetblue New York JFK BCS3 @YAWspeed
D28 Jetblue Fort Lauderdale A320
D29 Spirit San Juan A321
D30 Spirit Atlantic City A320
D31 Spirit Las Vegas A321
D32 Spirit Dallas A320
D33 Spirit Miami A320
D34 Spirit Philidelphia A320
D35 Frontier Cincinnati A320
D38 Frontier Denver A320
D39 Frontier Guademala City A321 @EarthlyMistral
D40 Frontier San Jose CR A320
D41 Frontier San Juan A321
D42 Frontier Las Vegas A321
D44 Frontier Liberia A321
D46 Frontier Detroit A320
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
E01 Delta Venice B767
E02 Delta Edinburgh B767
E03A Delta Zurich A339 @Prestoni
E04 Delta Salt Lake City B767 @kupono
E05 Delta Stuttgart B767
E06 Delta Dublin B767
E07 Delta Madrid B767
E08 Delta Paris A359 @75juke
E09 Delta Frankfurt B767
E10 Delta Zurich A333
E11 Delta Athens A339 @whyevenbothernaming
E12 Delta Munich A339
E14 Delta Honolulu A333
E15 Delta Sao Paulo A333
E16 Delta Barcelona A333 @agilepython
E17 Delta Tokyo Haneda A359
E18A Delta Rome A333
E26 Delta London Heathrow A339 @Shane_Rossler
E27 Delta Cape Town A359
E28 Delta Johannesburg A359
E29 Delta Buens Aires B767
E30 Delta Rio de Janeiro-Galeao A333
E31 Delta Bermuda A319 @Bigswagster47
E32 Delta Seoul A359
E33 Delta Antigua B757
E34 Delta San Pedro Sula B757
E35 Copa Panama City B738 @MarioIsaguirre
E36 Delta Amsterdam A333 @Apple_Haye
Concourse F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
F01 Air France Paris A359
F02 Virgin Atlantic Manchester A333
F03 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow A333
F04 Qatar Doha A359
F05 Turkish Airlines Istanbul B789
F06 British Airways London Heathrow B772 @JakesAviationYT
F07 KLM Amsterdam B772 @CEEKAYDA_97
F08 Korean Seoul B748
F09 SAS Copenhagen A333
F10 Lufthansa Frankfurt B789
F12 LATAM Lima B789
F14 Ethiopian Addis Ababa A359


Frequency Controller
Ground @BrunoSantos
Tower @BrunoSantos
ATIS @BrunoSantos

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC at all times

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly


Special thanks to @BenjiTheBull for the banners and @United403 for the gates!



Actually, I’ll take this one, switching to a 767-300 to Salt Lake City

The flight to KBZN is operated with the A321 or the 757.

It goes back and forth. Right now, it’s the A321.
Anyhow, Can I take Gate A04?

You are both added


Flying to Florida by Freedoomm 🦅🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🏈🏈


Roger that

What’d y’all expect?

A09 Delta Mexico City B757 Pls

@whyevenbothernaming i expected that

@Olivia12 roger that

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@Prestoni can I have a Delta flight to San Salvador?

lemme cop pls

Mine please.

Jetblue BOS please

Everyone is signed up!

Reserving and I’ll confirm my attendance (closer to the event time). 🤓🤓According to my calculations flight for me is at 3:30 P.M. so it would be on the A321🤓🤓

Umm ok

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I’ll take the 319. Looks good in sim. Flying it rn actually

this one for me pls

Your signed up