The Burbank Flyout | Oct 22, 2022 (COMPLETED)

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Please start spawning in at your designated gate!! I’ll be active with ATC Soon

Sorry about the last minute notice but may I please switch the route to KMDW please?

Yes you can. I can’t not edit the post but that switch is still approved

Thank you so much!

I just want a bit longer route so I am so sorry for the last minute switch, anyways spawning in now!

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I am pushing in 20 minutes!

Spawned in.

unfortunately i cat fly for this event, but i am spawning in with atc

Come on everyone that’s attending let’s start spawning!

Taking off now! Have a great flight everyone! Talk when I land!

I’m so sorry
just joined now

I do apologize, I had to leave ATC because of some errands I have to do. I hope everyone enjoys their flight

I’ll hop on atc now

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Thank you butter575

BTW thank you so much for the amazing ATC United403!

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Remember to check out @Butter575 events!!! And check out mine 👇👇

so sorry i forgot about school baseball practice, so i couldnt attend

I just reached my cruising altitude of 38,000 feet! Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome flyout! Have a great day guys!

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Thanks for coming guys! There is 2 hours of event left! Don’t stress if you are late!

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