The Burbank Flyout | Oct 22, 2022 (COMPLETED)

@Generic_Flyer can I Responsor this event with a new one of my events?

Sure! I am inactive on this fly out for some reason

What event?

I’ll sponsor with my Denver event

Sure! Send link and event hosters please! (hosters is probably not even a actual word)

Just me as the host

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Done! All set.

@Apple_Haye | Southwest 737-700 | San Jose KSJC

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B5! taken my me thayenk yoeu vedy mucho
On frontier a318 to Dallas!
At 5:00 (Chicago )

Here you go! Gate A1: @Apple_Haye | Southwest 737 | San Jose (KSJC)

Hey! I appreciate how you would like to join, but I would like to give you a tip.
I advise you check the drop downs next time to see if a gate is available. If any name is on one of the gates, that means they are occupied, even if they are not highlighted. Anyone who cancels the gate will be removed from the gate which then you will be allowed to choose it.

We no longer have any Commercial gates so I advise you take cargo or private. Thanks!

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which A gates are open?

can I get a B6 or a A 11?

Gate B6 and A11 do not exist. Please check the drop down to see available gates. Sadly, all the commercial airline gates are taken.

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Attention Burbank Flyout Pilots! Today is event day! Please spawn it at least 20 minutes after the event starts! Thanks!

When is the start time?

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1 PM PST. Includes Cali, Oregon and Washington along with Vancouver. You can check date in OG post too!

Thank you very much

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What server is this on