The Burbank Flyout | Oct 22, 2022 (COMPLETED)

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About KBUR

KBUR is a Small Domestic airport North of the Downtown Los Angeles Area.
This airport is a hub to Southwest Airlines and Avelo Airlines. Airports of this size and status in IF being used in and event is great since it brings lively-ness to a place that usually is a quiet airport.

This event is on the Training server to allow more people to attend!

Airport: KBUR


Please state your route here @Username | Airline + Aircraft | Destination with ICAO

Gates A1-A9 (Southwest Gates)

Gate A1: @Apple_Haye | Southwest 737 | San Jose (KSJC)
Gate A2: @flyin_hawaiian | Southwest 737 | Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)
Gate A3: @Generic_Flyer | Southwest 737 | Phoenix (KPHX)
Gate A4: @Jayden_Castillo | Southwest 737 | Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)
Gate A5: @Ryan_Carney | Southwest 737 | Phoenix (KPHX)
Gate A6: @AmericanB772 | Southwest 737 | Houston (KHOU)
Gate A7: @RagonDragon | Southwest 737 | Reno (KRNO)
Gate A9: @Socal_Spotter | Southwest 737 | Boise (KBOI)
Gate A10: @el_joshua | Southwest 737 | Las Vegas (KLAS)

Gates B1-B5 Other Airlines + Avelo

Gate B1: @United403 | Avelo 738 | Redding (KRDD)
Gate B2: @Mason_Literski Avelo 738 | Boise Air Term (KBOI)
Gate B3: @Avaitor1 | Avelo 738 | Redding (KRDD)
Gate B4: @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek | United 738 | Houston (KHOU)
Gate B5: @AviationPhu | Alaska E175 | Seattle (KSEA)

General Aviation and Business Gates (now available!)

Avjet Stand 1: (Not Reserved)
Avjet Stand 2 (Not Reserved)
Avjet Stand 3 (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 1: @Butter575 | C750 | Torrance (KTOA)
Million Air Ramp 2: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 3: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 4: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 5: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 6: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 7: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 8: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 9: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 10: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 11: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 12: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 13: (Not Reserved)
Million Air Ramp 14: (Not Reserved)

Cargo Gates

FedEx Ramp 1: (Not Reserved)
FedEx Ramp 2: (Not Reserved)
FedEx Ramp 3: (Not Reserved)

Ameriflight and Jetsuite Ramps

JetSuiteX Ramp 1: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 1: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 2: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 3: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 4: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 5: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 6: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 7: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 8: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 9: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 10: (Not Reserved)
Ameriflight Ramp 11: (Not Reserved)

GASC Aviation Ramps 1-10 will be used.

GASC Aviation Ramps 1-10

GASC Aviation Ramp 1: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 2: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 3: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 4: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 5: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 6: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 7: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 8: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 9: (Not Reserved)
GASC Aviation Ramp 10: (Not Reserved)

We advise you to fly routes flown from KBUR in real life to keep the event realistic.
Please also feel free to sponsor the event!


@United403 2DEC22 | 0000Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN


Ground: @United403
Tower: @United403



I’ll do tower and ground!!
And will take A1, Avelo to Redding KRDD


I will take A2! Southwest 737-700 to Vegas!

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You guys are signed up!
Gate A1: @United403 | Avelo 738 | Redding (KRDD)
Gate A2: @flyin_hawaiian | Southwest 737 | Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)

(P.S I have also changed the event date since I accidentally set it to the 23nd instead of 22nd of October! If you are coming, please click β€œGoing” once again to show that you are going! Thanks!)

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I’d love to sponcor this with my Long beach Event


Of course! We always accept sponsors, from everyone! Your Long Beach Event will be listed on the Sponsor list, along with you.

Here is the link. Please include the names of my co-hosts as well

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Can you add the link as well

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All done! You and your friends have been set as sponsors!

Anyone who wants to sign up can find routes here!

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Can I change my gate to B1 same airline/aircraft/destination

Of course!

You have been signed up in the new gate!

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Could I take a Southwest 737-700 to Las vegas

Of course! I will assign you a gate.

Here is your gate!**

Gate A4: @Jayden_Castillo | Southwest 737 | Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)

Ok thanks.

Can I have A5 southwest 737 to Las Vegas

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Are you sure you want to fly to Las Vegas? There are 2 other flights heading there. If not, my recommendation is Reno

Can I go to PHX