The Burbank Fly Out

Welcome to the Burbank Fly Out, hosted by @Prestoni. Burbank is known as the media capital of the world and one of the most convenient airports is the greater Los Angeles area. With almost 6 million passengers last year with 8 airlines serving it, with 40 domestic flights. Join me on this awesome fly out!

This event will take place on the expert server

Bob Hope Airport. KBUR



Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1 Southwest 737-700 Eugene @Prestoni
A2 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas @Bay_Area_Aviation
A3 Southwest 737-700 Chicago Midway @MD-11F
A4 Southwest 737-700 Sacramento @ETHAN_YT
A5 Jetblue A220 New York @Skismd
A6 Southwest 737-700 Houston Hobby @im_APdude
A7 Southwest 737-700 Phoenix @Appalachian_Airlines
A8 Southwest 737-700 San Jose @Ghostly_Ken
A9 American A320 Dallas @RagonDragon
Terminal B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
B1 Delta E-175 Las Vegas @Olivia12
B2 American E-175 Phoenix
B3 Avelo 737-800 Redmond @Mort
B4 Avelo 737-800 Colorado Springs @Cole_Woodard
B5 Alaska 737-900 Portland
Fedex Ramp

Fedex Ramp 1 C208 to San Diego - @Ben_Walsh
Fedex Ramp 2 C208 to San Luis Obispo
Fedex Ramp 3 MD11F to Memphis - @John_S

Million Air

Million Air Ramp 1
Million Air Ramp 2
Million Air Ramp 3
Million Air Ramp 4
Million Air Ramp 5
Million Air Ramp 6
Million Air Ramp 7
Million Air Ramp 8
Million Air Ramp 9
Million Air Ramp 10
Million Air Ramp 11
Million Air Ramp 12
Million Air Ramp 13
Million Air Ramp 14

North Ramp

North Ramp 22
North Ramp 25
North Ramp 34
North Ramp 37
North Ramp 38
North Ramp 39
North Ramp 40
North Ramp 41
North Ramp 43
North Ramp 44
North Ramp 45
North Ramp


BBJ 737-900 to San Salvador - @American367


Ground Tower ATIS

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly


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I think you’re forgetting a couple things lol

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Yeah im gonna add all the private ramps when im done with my flight

Ok i made all the private ramps!

This one to Texas

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Can I grab Avelo to Redmond please?

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This but Avelo to Redmond

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@RagonDragon Signed up

@Mort @United403 you guys are both signed up


Event bump

I can no longer attend


No problem

This but switch to JetBlue A220 to JFK

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I got you down

Great thank you

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Event bump

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@John_S i see that you said going would you like to sign up

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yepper i would thanks

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What gate and route?

Also welcome to the community

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@John_S i see that you were a fedex pilot, would you like a fedex route?