The Budapest Fly-out | @21OCT23

Budapest Fly-out

Details: Budapest its capital city of Hungary !
In Budapest there is the biggest Airport in Hungary!

Summary: Budapest International Airport have 100 destinations ! They have long haul flights from Budapest to Seoul,Beijing and Shanghai.

Server: Expert Server !

Airport: Budapest International Airport (BUD) ICAO: LHBP


Terminal 2A

Gate R270

Gate R271

Gate R272

Gate R273

Gate R274

Gate R275

Gate R276

Gate R277

Gate R278

Gate R279

Terminal 2B

Gate 31

Gate 32

Gate 33

Gate 34

Gate 35

Gate 36

Gate 37

Gate 38

Gate 39

Gate 42

Gate 43

Gate 44

Remote Stands

Gate R210

Gate R211

Gate R212

Gate R213

Gate R214

Gate R215

Gate R216

Gate R217

Gate R218

Gate R219

Gate R220

Gate R221

Gate R222

Gate R223

Gate R224

Gate R225

Gate R226

Gate R227


ATC Ground:

ATC Tower:

ATC Atis:

ATC Center:

ATC Departure:

ATC Approach:

Budapest Fly-out !

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