The Brutal Airbus A319

Alright i’m back again making dumb decisions in my life, Today I decided to fly from Austin - Santa Ana on American Airlines Airbus A319. American Airlines recently bought this Aircraft from United because United sucks. Anyways, Enjoy the beautiful boring photos of my journey.

The Zaza

Aircraft: Airbus A319
Airline: American Airlines
Flight Time: 02:54 hours

Alright here we are at Austin berming blah blah international airport! My Uber who looked 98 just dropped me off at the Southwest Airlines area. I told her American but she heard wrong. Makes sense since she’s older than ice age. Made me walk 2 minutes 😒.

Got through security pretty quickly and grabbed a bite to eat at mcdonald’s. Anyways here we are at the gate and here is the aircraft. yeah. basic. like girls at my school. Anyways we boarded on time and set sail! I mean pushed back to the runway.

*Heres my seat for today, if i’m gonna be honest i don’t really remember my seat number. it’s not that i just don’t care lmao. Seat was pretty basic but pretty clean. Was sitting for about 20 minutes and this mom and daughter sit next to me. Flight was going great until these nerds sat down next to me. went from a 10/10 to a 1/10. As we were preparing for takeoff the mom was like “Excuse me sir can would you be okay with switching seats with my daughter it calms her down since she has anxiety.” “Well I would but she needs to learn that you don’t get what you want so she can sit and complain while i watch.” My mood went straight up to 10/10. hah nerds

Im skipping this one

And maybe this one

After like 2 hours i got bored and yelled at the flight attendant to land the plane, so i was then restrained to the seat for apparently causing a disturbance. i’m kidding that never happened i’m not that bad of a person. not gonna lie thought we were gonna crash so i started praying and the lady and her daughter were freaking out so i felt so much power. you know maybe i am a little mean.

So I’m currently making this from the hospital because we landed harder than the nurse who dropped me on my head when i was born. I guess our Pilot was retiring because he’s older than Jesus so we got a water salute. I tried calling for help because my neck was hurting but they thought i was waving so they waved back.

And that brings our trip to an end. (thank goodness gracious.) Here’s my overall rating of this flight today.

Airline: 9/10
Customer Service: 6/10
Seat: 1/10 due to the annoying nerds. (kidding 7/10)
Pilots and Flight attendants 6/10
Onboard food and drink service: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Thanks guys for viewing! This is my second post of my “Brutally Honest Reviews. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. My next ones will be on Spirit and Ryanair so stay tuned because I have some good jokes coming!


awesome trip report! i can’t wait to see one on Breeze 😉!


Brutally honest? Nah more like just brutal


time to edit the title!


Has to be the best thing I’ve ever read
And best trip report I’ve seen


Thank you! 😂😂 more to come this week!

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I look forward to them!

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😏 oh trust me, you’re going to hat- love it

@United403 are you gonna take that?!


Preparing popcorn?

Treasure hunt 10.


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This is brilliant

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So real. American also sucks tho


Speech increased to 100

Good jokes? I mean you will fly like 2 Ryanairs… Lol

Nice report tho 😜


Awesome trip report! I like how you switched from speaking English to speaking facts while talking to that lady 😜

There might be a drunk passenger or a fight between two passengers in your next flight, you never know. So keep a lookout just in case 😉😂

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Please do this on Ryanair lmao

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trust me i will 😂! maybe today when i get home from school.

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Hahaaaa that’s epic! Can’t wait to see that 😂

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Yo you have been restrained for no reason like me!!! I still don’t know what I did wrong🙄 and this is why I will never fly Qatar first class again

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i recently won an award on my ryanair flight for yelling “we’re gonna crash” as we landed

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Damn when I flew on Ryanair I just acted like my neck broke in the landing and they had to drag me off the plane since I was “dead” 😀

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on spirit i started to pray to my spirit

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