The Broken Dreams, 787 Behind the scene!

in that Investigation, they reveal the 787 dark side. They basically say that Boeing takes the quality for schedule. If you watch it till the end, they have an interview with Boeing VP and GM of the 787 program Larry Loftis. They stopped the interview after the team told him about what they found. What do you guys think about this? Link to the interview


This is why the a350 is arguably the better of the two airplanes!


I was shocked after I watched it. how can something like this happen to such a plane and such an experience company


Competition. That’s what made them disregard all of these safety features

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are what they said about the 787 project real?

We don’t too much yet. Who knows maybe the A350 could burst into flames.


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That was overall disgusting! I’m very disappointed with Boeing, and with their claims. Some of the things said in this video are really horrible.


Interesting programme. Although they make some good points and raise good questions, I can’t help but think the makers of the programme have been sneaky in weaving negative facts with implied, speculative scare mongering.

The 787 is far from perfect, an economic disaster in my eyes. But technically it’s a very good plane with a solid future.


This programme made me hate Boeing, I really liked them but now I prefer Airbus even more


Watching now. So far I don’t like what I’m seeing. :(


I don’t care if the Boeing 787 is bad. I don’t like Airbus. Airbus is just a cheat. This documentary doesn’t change my mind on the 787. Nor does it change my opinion on Boeing. Airbus is disgusting. I want pure American over some fake European. If it isn’t Boeing, I’m not going.


Not to mention that you’re Australian.

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Just because I’m an Aussie doesn’t mean anything.

I was thinking you might have been pulling a 1776 on Airbus. (Australia was a British territory, for those who don’t know)

Boeing made the 737-100/-200, like in the late 1960’s, then the -300/-400/-500 in the 1980’s. Airbus copied it with the A320 in the 1980’s. Boeing made winglets for their NG aircraft (-700/-800/-900) Airbus copied it to make their existing A320’s/ New A320’s fitted with disgusting sharklets.


I prefer Boeing more, but I don’t hate Airbus. I’ll still fly on them and enjoy seeing them (especially the a380). But I agree that Airbus cheats off of what ever Boeing is doing

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If Boeing has these “Broken Dreams” which I find so much of a Joke. I think Airbus will have these “Fixed Nightmares” - That’s the truth. (IMHO)