The Brilliant Billy Bishop Fly Out 13JAN24

4 more gates left who wants them

@Munich453 I see that you voted going, would you like to sign up

@Prestoni I can no longer attend

No problem

Yes please
But I would fly to Midway too

Ok i will sign you up for midway!!

Bumping this. We still need ATC!

We still need ATC!

We need ATC

Bumpity bump


Event bump

Man, i really want to join this flyout, i will be flying to New York this morning 😭.

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am i allowed to have this one?

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Let’s go William you’re flying with us

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Yep your signed up


thanks bro!

yes! so excited!

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A great Christmas present for me is joining this flyout!

Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a good time with family and friends!


thanks u got msfs


Here a Brilliant bump for the new year!

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