The Brilliant Billy Bishop Fly Out 13JAN24

Welcome to the Brilliant Billy Bishop Fly Out. On average, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has 47 departure flights each day . The earliest flight is PD2121, which departs for New York at 06:45. Billy Bishop Airport was made for only turbo prop planes and jet egine planes are banned from the airport. The airport was opened in 1939 and was renamed Billy Bishop in 2009. With 2.8 million passengers a year help me fill up this unique airport. Join me on this awesome fly out!

This event will take place on the expert server

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. CYTZ



All routes will be on Porter Q400

1 to Chicago Midway - @Apple_Haye
2 to Boston - @Prestoni
3 to Chicago Midway - @Munich453
4 to Halifax - @NonStopsAviation
5 to Ottawa - @American367
6 to Dulles - @SamB777
7 to Boston - @Mort
8 to Thunder Bay
9 to Quebec
10 to Montreal - @Bay_Area_Aviation
11 to Newark - @member_of_oneworld

Central GA ramp

GA 1
GA 2
GA 3
GA 4
GA 5
GA 8
GA 9
GA 10
GA 11
GA 12
GA 13

West GA ramp

GA 1
GA 2
GA 3
GA 4
GA 5
GA 6
GA 7

East GA ramp

GA 1
GA 2

A second wave can be added if needed


Toronto Center:


  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly

  • Have fun!


Could I please grab a Porter gate to Boston?

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Yes you may. Thanks for joining

Mind if I snag the same flight as the Minnesotan King?


Of course thanks for joining

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Matter of fact ill join you guys on that one!

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Me please ;)

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Thanks for joining!

Please click going, interested or not going on the poll

Bumping for Billy!

Gimme please

Signed up!

Bumping for Billy

Can I take this

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Thanks for joining! Ill get you signed up!

bumping this

My home airport! I’m having this!!!

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Your signed up!

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Billy said to bump yhis

Again you shouldn’t be bumping after 2 days, a week is what you should aim for