The Brilliant Bermuda Flyout!

Sorry for the delay. I’ll sign you up!

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The event is…

checks calendar



Bermuda has now been made 3d!! 🥳

Let’s get some more signups!

Can I take this since @kinsehh got his account deleted?

Sure. I’ll sign you up

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I can’t join anymore sorry!

That’s a bummer :(

My ATC is diminishing lol

you still got @Butter575

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hello can i get the oceanic center ATC pls?

@Butter575 lets go againn ))


Sure, I’ll sign you up!!

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I’m sorry, but i won’t be able to make it for the event, i got a big project to work on :(

Oh, that’s too bad. Good luck on your project!

08: American 737-800 Philadelphia

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Welcome to the community! I’ll get you signed up.