The Brilliant Bermuda Flyout! (Departed)

Hello Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to the Bermuda Flyout hosted by me and my friend @United403! Bermuda is a small island country over 600 miles off the coast of the United States. Despite its small size and remote location, there is an airport on the northern part of the island that serves as a destination to many airlines. Come join me for this Oceanic flyout!

Event Details

Server: Training
Airport: L.F. Wade International (TXKF)
Date & Time: 2023-04-01T16:00:00Z

North Gates (FULL)
Gate: Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
03: American A320 Charlotte @Parker_White1
04: Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto @Lufthansa1
05: United 737-800 Newark @IF_Vamp
06: American A321 New York (JFK) @anon36731834
07: Westjet 737-700 Toronto @Starz
08: American 737-800 Philadelphia @Jaiden_Cole1
South Gates
Gate: Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01: JetBlue A321 Boston @Filip_Kocka
02: Delta 737-900 New York (JFK) @Ryan_15
03: British Airways 777-200ER London @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
04: JetBlue A220 New York (JFK) @United403
05: American 737-800 Miami @Andy_Garrett
06: Azores Airlines (generic) A321 Ponta Delgada @Ben_Walsh
07: Delta 737-800 New York (JFK) @AviationAlpha
08: JetBlue A220 Boston @Wonderousbuilder641
Apron III Hangars

To reserve one of these Hangars, please let me know what aircraft you will be flying, and which hangar you’d like.

Hangar: Aircraft Pilot
Hangar 01:
Hangar 02:
Hangar 03:
Hangar 04:
Hangar 05:
Hangar 06:
Apron VI Parking
Ramp: Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
Ramp 01: CargoJet (generic) 777F Newark @anon38552190
Ramp 02: U.S. Coastguard C-130J Elizabeth City
Ramp 03: U.S. Coastguard C-130J Clearwater

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Approach: @the_ding
Departure: @LuckyRc
New York Oceanic Center: @Joel_Albert


• I am not responsible for any violations issued during the event

• Follow all ATC instructions

• Act professionally throughout the event

• If ATC is not present use the traffic frequency correctly

• All of these rules apply to both commercial and GA aircraft

• Most importantly, have fun!

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As always, please let me know if I am missing any information. I hope to see you there!



Two signups in under a minute, that’s gotta be a new record….

I’ll sign y’all up

Actually wait nvm can’t go I will be on a cruise with no Wi-Fi and with totally not @United403

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Totally not true


Oui please

Sure, I’ll sign you up.

Can I have this but to JFK if that ok


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I lied sorry
Can I actually take this please but to JFK
I am in the Delta mood

Sure, I’ll get you signed up.

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Mind if I claim north gate number 6?

Sure I’ll sign you up.

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Would like to reserve this
Will use Lufthansa 747-400 to EDDF

Unfortunately the 747 can’t fit at that hangar, as those are primarily for GA aircraft. Would you like anything else?

Would like this

Sure, I’ll sign you up!

Can I get this?

Sure, I’ll sign you up.

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Event bump!