The BRG avionics explained a bit more "Simple" please

Hello! I asked somebody to tell me what the CRS is, in a bit more simple manner than the page were it tells you what it is and now I get it. so can somebody explane to be what a BRS is, In a very simple way?

You mean BRG? bearing - the direction of a point.

Oh, Yes my bad BRG

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Follow this for an in depth explanation :)

I think the pilot is asking for a more non-pilot explanation than what is in the tutorial.

Changing this source will change where the RMI needles (blue needles) point to. Will point to the VOR / ADF station tuned or next GPS waypoint.

I sort of get it tho, I still do not understand what RMI needles are

Radio magnetic indicator - it’s basically the VOR or whatever fixed point frequency you have dialled in.

Imagine an antenna fixed at a certain point, it sends a signal and you have equipment that can detect it and steer you towards it. The RMI points in the direction of the VOR (VHF Omni-directional Radio) you have dialled in.

Hey, @FLIGHT2 I advise maybe searching for the answer on the forum or shooting some of the most experienced users as recently I’ve noticed you creating a lot of different topics that clog up the forum.

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