The Brand New American 777 to the Big Island of Hawaii

Dallas Fort Worth to Kona

I’m taking a break from my weekly 757 post just because this is the one route I’ve been waiting to fly since the 777 rework was announced last year. Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to fly it, and I did for @AmericanVirtual. I don’t think I have to go into my whole why I love Kona story, but basically because we went to the Big Island last summer and flew into Kona. One day we were sitting on the beach at Kua Bay, just outside of Kona watching small props and the occasional inter island 717 approach the airport at 5,000 feet. We were watching them and then I heard a really loud roar, looked up and saw a giant 777 flying toward the airport. I checked FlightAware and it was American 229, a 777-200ER from Dallas Fort Worth. The American 777 is the biggest passenger plane that goes to Kona, although the runway is 11,000 feet long. The 777 just beats out a Japan 767 from Tokyo, the United 757 from Denver and Delta 757s from Seattle and Los Angeles. American flies this route daily and it arrives around 2:30 in Kona. I flew this route yesterday and left Dallas at 7:30 Eastern, which was as the sun rose in Dallas. I flew North and West as the sun got higher, flew over San Francisco and then started my trek almost half way across the Pacific to Kona, where we fly the always beautiful visual approach to runway 17 in Kona. I touched down just after 3 PM Eastern, and 9:06 AM in Kona after a flight time of 7 hours and 26 minutes.


Dallas Fort Worth to Kona
American 229 Heavy (AAVA643)
Boeing 777-200ER
@JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach

An early morning rotation from Dallas in the Orange sun light The shining cockpit in the Texas sun as we climb out of Dallas The red deserts and mountains of Winslow, Arizona Over the bay city and Oakland as we approach the Pacific Coast Above San Mateo and the world famous Golden Gate Bridge Nothing to look at for almost 5 hours except the Blue Ocean and this beautiful beast The first island in our view is Maui as VNAV descends toward the Big Island Crossing the coast over the Waipio Valley (Amazing spot for sunrises) The gear go down over the Pacific in the shadow of the worlds tallest volcano and mountain, Mauna Kea. The peak is a scared spot for native Hawaiians A rough touchdown on runway 17 in Kona!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo! And @Suhas I didn’t include my IF-Operations sheet because you don’t need to see my landing VS

I just have a poll instead of a quiz today, becauSe I love flying to Hawaii, but I’m not sure if people are tired of seeing Hawaiian flights, so are you tired of seeing me post Hawaii?

  • Yes, it’s boring now
  • No, More Hawaii is better
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The answer to the last question was the Funeral industry which 26% got correct!


should i even be surprised it’s Kona 🤦‍♀️


No 757… are you okay?

Haha… Great pictures s always :)

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Beautiful photos! I’m planning on doing this route someday!

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Nice photos! I know you’re been looking forward to this flight!

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@anon41771314 you’ve been here long enough it’d be a bigger problem if you didn’t expect it

@Luke_King-kong thanks a lot! And Kona > 757, is it had to be done 😂

@MJP_27 thanks! You definitely should, it’s a really fun flight

@snoman I have! It was fun to finally do and I definitely want to fly it again


:( you didn’t invite me?
Great photos!

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Great photos!! I was there a year ago and did Salt Lake to Kona yesterday in the Delta 772

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I love kona. In fact I’m there right now. Not many planes on 17 appr. But in Christmas season last year UAL had a 772 (N222UA) do a KSFO turn. And I was on the flight. The 772 isn’t the largest plane to fly to KOA though. But it is the largest passenger plane. Atlas air operates 1 B748F every week from KRIV. Anyways, Kona is like my second home,

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Well well well, look who it is.
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 2.26.55 PM


You’ve wanted to do this for weeks 😂 Great shots!


Quality photos! I give you my seal of approval.


Great photos I would of been on this flight today in fact if nothing had happened

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Cool Photos!
Beautiful scenery scattered through the flight as I see!

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Wow! I love that route, and I did it Pre-20.1, so I had to fly a 777-300. Not the same experience.

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Dank my guy 🤙

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I wish one of the fixed camera views was this. Over the wing view is fine, but you can’t see any scenery.


@ILOVE7879-2.0 I actually saw you flying out of Honolulu when I landed!

@DeltaCs100 that would be a fun route! The views must be great

@OrcaKid you’re super lucky to be there! I never knew UA flew a 777 there from San Fran. It’s cool to see such big aircraft there because of the small terminal!

@Suhas das me

@Sashaz55 make that months 😂

@anon79257371 I’m happy to take that seal lmao

@Frequentfliyer it seems like a fun route, too bad COVID has ruined 2020

@KindaTartySliceOfPie that might be an understatement, the scenery was AWESOME!

@MrAirplaneGeek I’ve flown it with the -300 too! It’s fun but definitely not the same

@Ur_Friendly_Approach thanks!

@Javier_Blancas I agree, the default wing view so shows too much of the wing and not enough scenery


Absolut cool pictures of the B777! The American livery suits it ver well and you showcase this workhorse very well. Also the cockpit shot is a real stunner! Thanks for sharing ;)

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It only flew that once during Christmas season 2018

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