The Brand New 777 From an Austrian Sunrise to a Sunset on the Island of Mauritius

Vienna to Mauritius

So I’m sure that I’ve you’ve seen my topics for a while, you would assume that my first 777 flight after the rework would be Dallas to Kona. Well I did too, right when I got the update I left Dallas for Kona but the server issues, along with lag and screen freezes even using my IPhone 11, made the game unplayable so after 5 hours I had to end the flight. I really wanted to have that post today, but it just didn’t work out so I had to settle on flying another overnighter for today, and hopefully I will be able to fly Dallas to Kona soon. The Austrian livery is my favorite 777-200ER livery and it was awesome that it was added to the game. I thought about flying Austrian from Vienna to Chicago or New York but those flights were a little short so I decided to fly to Mauritius. Austrian uses the 777-200ER and flies this route seasonally to escape the cold Northern European weather. I’ve flown to Mauritius in Infinite Flight ages times and it’s absolutely amazing, it’s literally the definition of random tropical islands in the ocean which I love. I did a late takeoff, about 11 PM Eastern in the US which was as the sun was rising in Vienna and I landed at Golden hour in Mauritius which I was not expecting, but it’s Winter in Mauritius so daylight is shorter. I obviously used the Austrian 772 and flight time was 9 hours 39 minutes.

Flight Details

Vienna to Mauritius
Austrian 643 Heavy
Boeing 777-200ER
@JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach

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A sunrise rotation from Vienna Climbing we we fly south toward the Indian Ocean The Mountains of Serbia from our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet Amazing views of the many islands of Greece spread out among the Mediterranean The full moon approaches the horizon as the sun rises to the top of the sky The Nile River Basin lush from water surrounded by nothing but the Deserts of Egypt VNAV descends as we turn past the turquoise waters of the tropical island as golden hour approaches The stunning tilted triple gear go down on this beautiful beast of an airplane Touching down on the island of Mauritius! At the gate in the setting sun light after a full days worth of flying, leaving at sunrise and arriving at sunset

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Austria has the largest what per capita in the entire world?

  • Funeral Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Snow Selling Industry

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The answer to the last question was ANA which 74% got correct! A Sunrise in Hyderabad to the Blue Skies Above Heathrow


These are the best photos of the B777! All I can say is



Very cool pictures!

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I love theseeee

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@MJP_27 thanks Mason! That means a lot 😊

@anon54775152 @Davide_DC thanks guys!

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Dang, these look hot

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Thanks a lot

Very cool pictures of the one feature I haven’t tried out yet. The Austrian livery and fantastic scenery plus your skills make for a fantastic picture of the main feature of 20.1.

Thanks for sharing ;)

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Thanks like always Julian! I couldn’t agree more about the scenery and the livery. The Austrian livery is so clean and looks amazing on the 772

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