The Brand new 737 from a Golden Oregon Morning to the Jewel of the Mexican Riviera

Portland to Puerto Vallarta

I don’t have much to explain today, which is good because my phone is at 19%. Basically, I was looking for a good 737 route that I could fly for @AmericanVirtual because I actually hadn’t flown the reworked 737 until yesterday. I was looking through ASVA codeshare routes and I found KPDX-MMPR, MMPR is Puerto Vallarta which is a city in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is a major tourist destination. Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. I love Portland, and I knew the views would be great so I was looking forward to this route. I took off just after 5:45 AM in Portland which was just after sunrise and flew South through California and into Mexico where we arrived after 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Flight Details

Portland to Puerto Vallarta
Alaska (AAVA) 643
Boeing 737-900
@Ur_Friendly_Approach @JulianB

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At the gate as the sun rises to our East The sun glistens into the cockpit as we taxi out to the runway Rotating at sunrise in front of Mount Hood to the Northeast of Portland The green lush hills of Oregon as we fly south At 33,000 feet above the bay and the city of Oakland The California paradise of Palm Springs Just south of the Arizona border with Mexico as the scenery stays its desert beige color Gear down over the Pacific Ocean 5 miles from the airport The amazing approach into Puerto Vallarta Waking up all of Mexico with that landing, but on the ground in Puerto Vallarta!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these is NOT a sister city to Puerto Vallarta?

  • Santa Barbara, California
  • Parkland, Utah
  • Highland Park, Illinois

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Only one person got this quiz wrong so I won’t even tell you guys the answer 😂


Wow! These photos are outstanding!!

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Beautiful pictures! The Alaska Airlines livery fits in perfectly.

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Amazing! That second picture is 🔥

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Cool pics.

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Nice! Seal of approval

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It’s Alaska Airlines, I approve. Awesome photos like always, @NoahM!

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No, what do you mean, I was the only one who got it right, everyone was talking nonsense about Philly being the USA’s first capital or something, really disappointed in the IFC, thought they’d know better…

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Absolutely cool pictures! The scenery is stunning, the light beautiful and the Alaska livery suits the B737 exceptionally well.

You can’t go wrong with a wing-view especially with such a cool winglet as the split-scimitar one! I really, really miss flying when seeing such views…

Thanks for sharing ;)

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Not even an @Suhas joke…


fun fact: I lived in HighLand Park Illinois, before i moved

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Wow Noah! These are fantastic!

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I love the Alaska livery, and I love these shots!

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@MJP_27 thanks like always Mason! 😊

@NathanD thanks! I’m a huge fan of the Alaska livery, it’s my favorite of the major American airlines

@Ondrejj thanks! I love cockpit shots like that at sunrise

Thanks @Davide_DC!

@Alex yay! A seal of approval 😂

@Butter_Boi thanks Mr. Floating Safety Sign!


@Suhas maybe you’re right, but you’re still banned from NoahAir, thanks for understanding.
My lawyer will be in contact unless I can talk to a manager!

@JulianB it’s easily one of my favorite livery-aircraft combos, the livery fits so well, and I made my flight plan so I would get that view do the bay, and the wing view looked good!

@AlaskaAirfireball111 weird how that worked out 😂

@Jrpilot5 thanks! Good that you liked them :D

@Aeroplane747 I love the livery too!


I like the new cockpit. Looks way better.

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I went to Puerto Vallarta in an American 738 a year ago!

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The two first pictures with this sunset are just amazing !

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@Ur_Friendly_Approach same, it’s so much better

@AGForLife in real life? That approach must’ve been awesome!

@NoahBe25_mdr thanks! Sunrise and sunsets are always awesome in IF

Nice photos! I can’t believe I missed them. Can you please tag me in all your #screenshots-and-videos posts?

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