The Boom Is Happening

Couldn’t find an up to date thread about this and the one I did find didn’t have any info. Just a pic. So here are the highlights;

Boom founder and chief executive Blake Scholl told the Guardian. “This isn’t science fiction, we are actually doing this. You will be able to fly New York to London in three-and-a-half hours for $5,000 return, [which is roughly] the same as [the cost] of business class.”

The aircraft is currently in the prototyping phase – but the team is aiming to fly a test aircraft in Colorado in late 2017, followed by supersonic test flights near Edwards Air Force Base in California

The Guardian also reported that Scholl has signed a letter of intent with a major London-based airline, (other than Richard Branson) which wants to buy $2 billion (£1.42 billion) worth of his jets.

Between them, the team of pilots, engineers and builders behind Boom have started six companies and contributed to the design of over 30 new airplanes.


This may be the Concorde all over again, but I guess we’ll find out.


I’m not sure I want another super sonic jet. The aircraft we have right now are fine. The older, fuel guzzling aircraft are being swappped out for newer, more fuel efficient aircraft. I think that we need to focus on fuel efficiency over speed.


I literally had no idea… It looks like a mini Concorde!

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What if we could have both?

A supersonic cruiser that flies around @ FL800 with similar fuel burn characteristics to a current gen 757 or A321.

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I don’t think I can trust these I will stick with the cheaper cost and more flying time.


The Concord rides again!

However there is threat to aviation from Hyperloop and moreover no one gets aviation like we do!

Speaking as an Australian, I would be getting more excited when this beast is certified for long haul flights…an airliner that bridges the 24hr flight time to the other side of the globe is something to keep an eye on! Again…the major stumbling block is price…if London to New York is $5000 return (3,460 miles one way) I would hate to think what Melbourne to JFK would cost. (10,367 miles one way)
Costs to JFK from Melbourne for next month are $1800AU return! (That’s just over $1300USD)

At least there’s people out there still trying to push the boundaries of commercial aviation. :)


I’ll probably never get on this plane, but I’d love to atleast see it!

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Habe you guys heard about the Airbus supersonic jet? They want a plane with a speed of mach 4.5

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Oh dear…that is not a good title for a G rated video.

But I digress…that thing is insane! I wonder what it would feel like as a passenger, laying in a hammock, to be all of a sudden shot 20,000 feet in the air vertically.

That’s way outside the acceptable climb rate stated in the Qantas Pilot Guidelines 😂😂😂


Bah… Some people know the Concorde failed. So why another?
Bah… even if they did and they had mustached in the wind at Mach 2 or bah whatever.
Bah… I wouldn’t try to even fly on in it going to fly at FL800 I love the normal aircraft that that stay around F390.

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Why so afraid of change?

This project has a company called Scaled Composites involved.
They have built loads of experimental aircraft - they are pioneers so won’t wimp out of this project so long as its financed properly. I’m certain this will work out successfully :)

I like the name too - short and sweet. Boom!

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Bah… I just don’t like it.
bah… My mustache will be ripped off at that speed
Bah…if this does happen I won’t be able to fly on it because Standby. bah


Looks pretty awesome! If the Concorde was still around…

Just buy ticket.

What? If you’re talking about flying this, it clearly is not cheap. Plus most people would be getting an economy experience for a business class price.

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