The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Route Database

The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Route Database

Welcome to the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Route Database thread! You can find many different regional routes around the world in this thread with the Dash 8 Q400. I have added a few routes to some airlines myself so if you see anything that can be added feel free to reply to this thread with the airline, route, flight time, and callsign.


Air Baltic
Route Flight Time Callsign
EVRA-LYBE 2:40 BT217
EVRA-EDDT 1:50 BT135
EVRA-EKCH 1:35 BT159
EVRA-ENGM 1:40 BT107

Air Berlin
Route Flight Time Callsign
EDDL-EDDS 1:00 AB6839
EDDL-LFPO 1:19 AB9024
EDDL-EDDH 1:00 AB6748
EDDL-EDAH 1:35 AB3832
EDDT-EPWA 1:25 AB8038
EDDT-UMKK 2:00 AB8364
EDDT-EPGD 1:05 AB8484
EDDT-LOWG 1:25 AB8551
EDDT-EDDR 1:30 AB8460
EDDT-EPKK 1:15 AB8206

Air Canada Jazz
Route Flight Time Callsign
CYHZ-CYYT 1:30 AC8992
CYHZ-CYQX 1:15 AC8862
CYHZ-CYDF 1:20 AC8876
CYHZ-CYQY 0:40 AC8810
CYHZ-CYYR 1:50 AC8898
CYUL-CYHZ 1:20 AC8784
CYAM-CYYZ 0:55 AC8318
CYXS-CYVR 1:10 AC8212
CYXT-CYVR 1:20 AC8239
CYVR-CYYJ 0:30 AC8057
CYVR-CYCD 0:25 AC8255
CYVR-CYQQ 0:35 AC8309
CYVR-CYZP 1:44 AC8522
CYVR-CYPR 1:50 AC8280
CYVR-CYYD 1:36 AC8562
CYVR-CYXJ 1:45 AC8181
CYVR-CYXA 0:40 AC8190
CYVR-CYLW 1:00 AC8400
CYVR-KSEA 1:00 AC8097
CYVR-KPDX 1:15 AC8121

Route Flight Time Callsign
RJOM-RJGG 0:50 NH1828
RJFT-RJGG 1:15 NH336
RJSS-RJGG 1:10 NH370
RJFK-RJGG 1:15 NH358
RJOM-RJOO 0:50 NH1650
RJOK-RJOO 0:50 NH1616
RJFO-RJOO 0:55 NH1692
RJFM-RJOO 1:05 NH512
RJFK-RJOO 1:10 NH552

Route Flight Time Callsign
LOWW-LOWI 0:55 OS913
LOWW-LROP 1:25 OS791
LOWW-LRIA 1:25 OS645
LOWW-LIPZ 1:00 OS523
LOWW-EPWA 1:00 OS623
LOWW-EBBR 2:00 OS351
LZKZ-LOWW 0:50 OS744
EDDL-LOWW 1:15 OS156
LIMC-LOWW 1:15 OS516
EDDH-LOWW 1:15 OS172

Croatia Airlines
Route Flight Time Callsign
LDSP-LIRF 0:55 OU380
LSZH-LDZA 1:10 OU465
LDDU-LDZA 0:55 OU661
EDDF-LDZA 1:20 OU417
EKCH-LDZA 2:05 OU481
EHAM-LDZA 1:50 OU451
LWSK-LDZA 1:20 OU369
LDZA-EBBR 2:25 OU456

Route Flight Time Callsign
HAAB-HAGN 1:05 ET168
HAAB-HABD 1:00 ET140
HAAB-HAJJ 0:55 ET212
FQMA-FQBR 1:23 ET087
FQBR-FQNP 1:16 ET087
FQNP-FQMA 2:49 ET087

Route Flight Time Callsign
EGBB-EGJB 0:55 BE887
EGBB-EICK 0:40 BE529
EGPH-EGCC 0:40 BE296

Horizon Air (Alaska Airlines)
Route Flight Time Callsign
KPDX-KMFR 0:45 AS2059
KPDX-KRNO 1:10 AS2394
KPDX-KRDM 0:30 AS2185
KPDX-KBOI 1:00 AS2105
KPDX-KGEG 0:50 AS2278
KPDX-KSMF 1:20 AS2028
KPDX-KSEA 0:30 AS2053
KPDX-KFCA 1:15 AS2276
KSEA-KMFR 1:05 AS2221
KSEA-KGEG 0:45 AS2090
KSEA-KBOI 1:10 AS2069
KSEA-KPSC 0:35 AS2180
KSEA-KRDM 0:50 AS2388
KSEA-KMSO 1:05 AS2594
KSEA-KEAT 0:30 AS2149
KSEA-KPUW 0:50 AS2152
KSEA-KBLI 0:30 AS2530
KSEA-KALW 0:45 AS2086
KSEA-KEUG 0:45 AS2498
KSEA-KSMF 1:40 AS2370
KSEA-KRNO 1:30 AS2083

Island Air
Route Flight Time Callsign
PHNL-PHOG 0:30 Unknown
PHNL-PHKO 0:45 Unknown
PHNL-PHLI 0:40 Unknown

Lufthansa Regional
Route Flight Time Callsign
EDDM-LFSB 0:50 LH2394
EDDM-LKPR 0:45 Unknown
EDDM-EPKK 1:20 LH1621
EDDM-EPWR 1:10 Unknown
EDDM-LSGG 1:10 Unknown
EDDS-EDDM 0:35 LH2153

Route Flight Time Callsign
ELLX-LOWW 1:25 LG8851
ELLX-LFMN 1:30 LG8253
ELLX-LEPA 2:10 LG601
ELLX-EDDT 1:15 LG9473
ELLX-LIMC 1:05 LG6997
ELLX-EGLC 1:00 LG4597
ELLX-LIRF 1:45 LG6553
ELLX-LFBD 1:50 LG8171
ELLX-LFMT 1:25 LG8211

Route Flight Time Callsign
LHBP-EPWA 1:40 MA4483
LHBP-EDDF 2:10 MA4992
LHBP-LSZH 2:00 MA4747
LHBP-LROP 1:30 MA4423
LHBP-LIMC 2:05 MA4439
LHBP-LKPR 1:25 MA4938
LHBP-EDDT 1:49 MA4100
LHBP-LSGG 2:10 MA4832
LHBP-EDDS 1:55 MA4737

PAL Express
Route Flight Time Callsign
RPVM-RPVI 0:30 PR2386
RPLC-RPNS 1:35 PR2875

Porter Airlines
Route Flight Time Callsign
CYTZ-CYYB 0:40 PD661
CYTZ-CYUL 1:20 PD465
CYTZ-CYQB 1:50 PD513
CYTZ-CYFJ 1:05 PD555
CYTZ-CYQT 1:50 PD470
CYTZ-CYAM 1:30 PD683
CYTZ-CYTS 1:30 PD611
CYTZ-CYQG 1:15 PD1480
CYTZ-CYQA 0:35 PD593
CYTZ-CYOW 0:45 PD215
CYTZ-CYHZ 2:05 PD891
CYTZ-KEWR 1:10 PD121
CYTZ-KCHS 2:30 PD707
CYTZ-KPIT 1:00 PD353
CYTZ-KMYR 2:30 PD692
CYTZ-KBOS 1:10 PD945
CYTZ-KBTV 1:00 PD987
CYTZ-KMLB 3:05 PD787
CYTZ-KIAD 1:15 PD728
CYTZ-KMDW 1:50 PD385
CYOW-CYSJ 1:35 PD219
CYOW-CYFC 1:35 PD213
CYOW-CYHZ 1:35 PD1237
CYOW-CYQM 1:20 PD245
CYHZ-CYUL 1:35 PD480
CYHZ-CYYT 1:20 PD281
CYHZ-CYJT 1:30 PD209

Qantas Link
Route Flight Time Callsign
YSSY-YORG 0:50 QF2017
YSSY-YSCB 0:55 QF1461-QF1495
YSSY-YSWG 1:10 QF2221-QF2231
YSSY-YSDU 1:10 QF2032-QF2046
YSSY-YSTW 1:05 QF2002-QF2012
YSSY-YMOR 1:35 QF2180-QF2192
YSSY-YARM 1:35 QF2020-QF2034
YSSY-YPMQ 1:10 QF2164-QF2178
YSSY-YCFS 1:15 QF2104-QF2118
YSSY-YBNA 1:15 QF2062
YSSY-YBWW 1:40 QF1432-QF1434
YSSY-YMAY 1:32 QF2205-QF2217
YSSY-YMIA 2:00 QF1401
YSSY-YBDG 2:10 QF1407-QF1409
YSSY-YLHI 2:00 QF2260
YMML-YSCB 1:05 QF2130
YMML-YMIA 1:00 QF2078-QF2086
YMML-YDPO 1:05 QF2051-QF2061
YMML-YMLT 1:05 QF2281-QF2289
YPAD-YSCB 1:35 Unknown
YPAD-YKSC 0:50 QF2142-QF2144
YPAD-YPLC 0:50 QF2267-QF2273
YPAD-YWHA 0:50 QF2069-QF2071
YSCB-YSSY 0:55 QF1420-QF1494
YSCB-YBBN 1:40 Unknown
YSCB-YMML 1:10 QF2131
YSCB-YPAD 1:45 Unknown

South African Express
Route Flight Time Callsign

Coming Soon

Route Flight Time Callsign
VAAH-VAPO 1:10 SG6636
VAAH-VIBN 2:15 SG971
VAAH-VIJP 1:05 SG6631
VOMD-VOBL 0:55 SG3715
VOMD-VOHS 1:40 SG1044
VOBL-VOBZ 1:10 SG3431
VOBL-VOHS 1:05 SG2781
VIDP-VIGG 1:00 SG2345
VAJB-VABB 1:50 SG2871
VIDP-VAJB 1:20 SG2871

Tassili Algeria
Route Flight Time Callsign

Coming Soon

United Express
Route Flight Time Callsign
KDEN-KABQ 1:10 Unknown
KDEN-KBIL 1:30 Unknown
KDEN-KOKC 1:35 Unknown
KDEN-KSLC 1:30 Unknown
KDEN-KCOS 0:25 Unknown
KDEN-KMCI 1:40 Unknown
KIAD-KCLE 1:25 9L1746
KIAD-KEWR 1:40 9L1724
KIAD-KALB 1:45 9L1792
KIAD-KRDU 1:17 9L1732
KIAH-KDFW 1:20 Unknown
KIAH-KAUS 1:03 Unknown
KIAH-KOKC 1:30 Unknown
KEWR-KROC 1:35 9L3422
KEWR-KBUF 1:48 9L3494
KEWR-CYYZ 2:00 9L3452
KEWR-CYUL 1:37 9L3410
KEWR-KORF 1:35 9L3400
KEWR-KBOS 1:30 9L3403
KEWR-KCLE 1:58 9L3445
KEWR-KBWI 1:23 9L3409
KEWR-KALB 1:02 Unknown

WestJet Encore
Route Flight Time Callsign
CYKA-CYYC 0:50 WS3208
CYQQ-CYYC 1:20 WS3210
CYEG-CYYC 0:40 WS3238
CYQU-CYYC 1:00 WS3188
CYXE-CYYC 1:05 WS3247
CYXJ-CYYC 1:20 WS3100
CYBR-CYYC 2:00 WS3243
CYCD-CYYC 1:20 WS3228
CYQR-CYEG 1:25 WS3237
CYLW-CYEG 1:05 WS3312
CYXE-CYEG 1:05 WS3267
CYHZ-CYYT 1:30 WS3428
CYHZ-CYOW 1:50 WS3373
CYXS-CYVR 1:10 WS3282
CYQT-CYYZ 1:30 WS3122
CYYC-CYLW 0:50 WS3342
CYYC-CYMM 1:10 WS3159
CYYC-CYQR 1:10 WS3270
CYYC-CYXX 1:25 WS3233
CYEG-CYYJ 1:35 WS3349

Route Flight Time Callsign
ENBR-ENZV 0:25 WF535
ENBR-EGPD 1:05 WF398
ENBR-ENAL 0:30 WF458
ENBR-ENCN 0:45 WF593
ENBR-ENML 0:40 WF514
ENKB-ENBR 0:50 WF568
ENTO-ENBR 0:45 WF406

If you’d like to add a flight please use this format!

Route Flight Time Callsign
XXXX - XXXX 0:00 XX123

Can be added

  • Routes that were operated by the Q400 for airlines that no longer use the Q400
  • Current routes operated by Q400 operators
  • Past routes that are no longer operated by Q400 operators

Cannot be added

  • Charter routes
  • Future Routes that aren’t being operated yet

Not finished!

looks like we have another database with empty lists

I know, everyone wants to get on the action simply to have a popular topic!

People need to stop posting empty lists to simply get a “popular” topic!

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I have not finished the thread yet. This isn’t for popularity. This is for those that’d like to fly a realistic Q400 route


Added it to my database

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Well, that’s what he means. Don’t post the topic until you’ve completed it :)


I did not mean to post it. It was an accident. I am continuing to work on it currently

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I see these databases as something that should be posted incomplete and the community would help finish the database with the information they know. You do not need to get upset with the person and shame them for posting an incomplete topic.


We need more people like you @Tucker_Ryan

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The only issue is that people can’t edit the topic, so the OP has to be committed to entering routes. This is why you often see regulars post this type of topic, because we can make the post a Wiki. This allows other regulars to help us out and edit.

The reason I said what I said is because:

A) If he’s the only one editing, I feel like a little bit more work could have gone into the Route creation. Had he waited a week or so, the entire thing would have been filled out.

B) It’s missing a whole lot of key airlines that operate the Q400 on Infinite Flight. Again, and to waited a week, we could have seen these.

Please don’t take any offense to what I say, it’s not meant in that way.

Ok, I understand that point of view but if you look at the other route databases, none of those are done either.

I see your point. However the Q400 only has a few operators and few routes for each. Aircraft like the 737 have almost endless routes that would take ages to find and document.

This is true as well, the part I was most concerned about was the language you guys chose and how you handled the situation. If it would’ve been me, I know I would’ve felt stupid and that’s why I was upset, I wasn’t very concerned about the database itself.

I have 2 routes that I know off the top of my head.

Austrian Airlines:

Route Flight Time Callsign
LOWW - EBBR 2:00 AUA351


Croatia Airlines:

Route Flight Time Callsign
LDZA - EBBR 2:25 CTN4456
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Yeah I made the 737-800 route database, but couldn’t complete it as Ryanair alone has over 8000 routes. Although I did do many routes and spent a lot of time on it.

Just edited. All airlines are added. You may now suggest some routes

Lufthansa Regional

Lufthansa Regional Flights have been added!

Route Flight Time Callsign
EDDM-LFSB 0:50 LH2394
EDDM-LKPR 0:45 Unknown
EDDM-EPKK 1:20 LH1621
EDDM-EPWR 1:10 Unknown
EDDM-LSGG 1:10 Unknown
EDDS-EDDM 0:35 LH2153
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Hiya! Here’s a link with all of Porter Airlines’s old and current routes : and I know that Luxair operates to EGLC on flight LG4597. You can also use Flightradar24 to help you find routes! Good luck 😉!


Heres some malev ones I founded

LHBP-EPWA l 1:40 l MA4483
LHBP-EDDF l 2:10 l MA4992
LHBP-LSZH l 2:00 l MA4747
LHBP-LROP l 1:30 l MA4423
LHBP-LIMC l 2:05 l MA4439
LHBP-LKPR l 1:25 l MA4938
LHBP-EDDT l 1:49 l MA4100
LHBP-LSGG l 2:10 l MA4832
LHBP-EDDS l 1:55 l MA4737