The Boeing Factory | Everett, WA

Hello Community, Today, I went to the Boeing factory in Everett. Although I couldn’t bring my camera, I used my iPhone X on all of these so I’m sorry for the quality. I usually don’t post in this quality but since this is special, I thought I can do it.

I couldn’t take my phone into the factory itself which is a bummer but it was amazingly huge. A 747 looked like an apartment in New York.

I did take multiple pictures of each aircraft but I used only one for each to save memory and follow the guidelines.

Here is the locations of the airport.

First of all, this is the front. At 9PM every night the doors would open letting any plane done on the production line out into the paint hangers.

Private 737-700BBJ heading to Palm Springs with Boeing Factory in the back and the beautiful mountains.

Bombardier Global 6000 heading to an unknown location

One of the commercial flights in the E175 Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Everett, a very short flight of 13 minutes instead of a 40 minute drive.
I actually spotted 2 of these and 1 United E175 but I won’t post them so I can show you the Future of Flight Museum.

The Beautiful Dreamlifter that arrived 15 minutes ago from Nagoya, Japan. It was supposed to carry some 787 wings.

A 747-8 Tail. It is actually huge, my hand was about 1/5000 of the size of the whole tail!

These are all aircraft of the production line. The 777x is not here but it’s full of 787s. The picture with fewer aircraft were on the paint parking. The Turkish has just been painted and is getting refueled for its first flight. The Azerbaijan or the blue 787 had also just been painted. On the tour, I also couldn’t take photos but I saw all these aircraft up close.

For the rest that I took, you can visit my latest Instagram Post —>


That’s so cool!

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Thanks! It’s like a dream come true! I hope to work for Boeing one day. They actually have special test pilots that fly all the aircrafts first flights!

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Been there many times… It’s truly an incredible place.

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I’ve been there!! I also got a tour of the factory!! I really want to go back there!


Since last month, I live in Seattle and Vegas every 2 weeks so I might be going to Everett more frequently.

That’s really cool! Now I want to go there even more.

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Looks amazing and nice pictures buddy 👌

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These pictures look pretty cool!

Do you mind if I ask, what date were these pictures taken

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Today :) 12:30-3:15PM PDT

Ok, so just a small error:

The Alaska/Horizon plane came in from Seattle, not San Francisco
(The plane flew San Francisco to Seattle and then Seattle to Everett)

Oh Yeaaaaaa!! Totally forgot bout that. I misread it on flightradar24 I was pretty confused when it said 13 min flight LOL.

I’ll change it :)

Yeah the plane flew Seattle to Everett in order to fly Everett to Las Vegas

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Wow thats great, I’m going to ask my mom if we can fly from Everett back instead of Sea-Tac.

Everett is a beautiful airport. I flew into that airport once from San Jose and it was so peaceful, has a very luxurious experience, and even the bathrooms were pretty!

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Is it? I’ll have to try it sometime. I usually just you SeaTac for convince because I mostly fly to Hawaii, Florida and Alaska.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Everett Airport. I took this picture right when I got off the airplane from San Jose and into the terminal (AS2741)

Here is also a link to the flight report I made about that flight.


ahhh, that tour was amazing! I went on it October last year.

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