The Boeing B777-300ER Route Database

Look on Flightradar24 they just started it yesterday. The cargo only flights have higher flight numbers and you can also book it on the American Airlines app!

The flight numbers are AA46 ORD-LHR and AA47 LHR-ORD which is currently inbound!

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Also, a very big, big thanks to whoever added Garuda Indonesia!

Could be a substitute or they are just using it for this route, you’ll see ORD-EWR with either a 777 or 737 with the same flight number. Same with KLMs route, either a 787 or 777.

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No these are scheduled with only a 777-300ER through December

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Sorry for posting in the wrong format… 😅 Must have been lots of work

New American Airlines 777-300ER route - KDFW to KMCO

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Is Turkish airlines gonna be added? Anyway heres some routes let me know If i need the return leg ones also

LTFM-EHAM l 3:35 l TK1953
LTFM-EGLL l 4:00 l TK1979
LTFM-GMMN l 4:15 l TK615
LTFM-LGAV l 1:20 l TK1843
LTFM-LTBJ l 1:00 l TK2313
LTFM-LTAI l 1:20 l TK2418
LTFM-LTAC l 1:00 l TK2126
LTFM-LLBG l 2:00 l TK788
LTFM-HECA l 2:05 l TK690
LTFM-UKBB l 2:40 l TK332
LTFM-UTTT l 4:20 l TK370
LTFM-OEMA l 3:10 l TK104
LTFM-OMDB l 4:13 l TK762
LTFM-UCFM l 4:55 l TK346
LTFM-VIDP l 6:00 l TK716
LTFM-VABB l 6:10 l TK720
LTFM-ZLXY l 9:10 l TK196
LTFM-ZBAA l 9:05 l TK20
LTFM-ZSPD l 10:15 l TK26
LTFM-RKSI l 10:10 l TK90
LTFM-ZGGG l 10:00 l TK72
LTFM-VHHH l 10:20 l TK70
LTFM-RJTT l 11:30 l TK198
LTFM-WMKK l 10:35 l TK60
LTFM-WSSS l 10:40 l TK54
LTFM-WIII l 11:35 l TK56
LTFM-RCTP l 11:05 l TK24
LTFM-KJFK l 10:30 l TK1
LTFM-KIAD l 11:25 l TK7
LTFM-KMIA l 12:10 l TK77
LTFM-CYYZ l 10:20 l TK17
LTFM-KORD l 11:20 l TK5
LTFM-KIAH l 13:25 l TK33
LTFM-KSFO l 13:33 l TK79
LTFM-KLAX l 13:50 l TK9

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Added ✅

For routes that used that either used to be operated with the 77W but have switched to an a320/30/50, or haven’t flown in a while due to COVID, I have marked them as “Pre-COVID”.

For routes that have switched to 787-9’s for a bit, I have marked them as “Also operated with 789”.

If you find any more routes or a typo, please DM me :)

Routes I couldn’t find info on: LTFM-LTAI, LTFM-ZSPD, LTFM-UCFM

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Saudia is not in the list.

Swiss operates LSZH - WSSS and WSSS - LSZH with their B77W. Flight numbers are LX176 and LX177.

Swiss Does LSZH-KJFK l 9:00 l LX14

A route that many don’t know of is EK978 from OIIE (Tehran Imam Khomeini) to OIDB (Dubai).

Hey, there I can’t see EK775-6 From Dubai - Durban - Dubai.
But now due to COVID, it is being operated as Dubai - Johanessburg - Durban - Dubai
Can you please add it :)
Thank you!

That must be OMDB, not OIDB!

Heres some Virgin Australia routes

YSSY-VHHH l 9:35 l VA15
YSSY-KLAX l 13:45 l VA1
YSSY-OMAA l 14:40 l VA29
YSSY-NFFN l 3:50 l VA27
YBBN-VTSP l 9:15 l VA23
YBBN-KLAX l 13:00 l VA7
YMML-KLAX l 14:20 l VA23
YMML-FAOR l 13:40 l VA15
YMML-VTSP l 8:50 l VA23

There might be more but not sure since the aircraft got retired