The Boeing 787 going of control

I don’t know why the Boeing 787 keep going out of control when it’s near to stalling

I crash while making a sharp turn the stalling warning comes on I recover and increase my speed then the plane start shaking around

And no matter what I did to stop it the plane plunge down toward the ground and crash

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That’s what happens when you stall. Let’s get down to the issue at hand, why is it repeatedly stalling… what speeds are you at and what are your flap settings when this happens?


I was flying around 1000 feet with gear down and flap barely extended

I tried to do a sharp turn the warning come on so I pull out of it I was at 210 knt

When I push the throttle forward the plane start spinning around

I try to regain control but I couldn’t with all the spinning

It goes down with its face into the ground

the same thing happen when I try to reconstruct the turn a second time by following what I did the first time I get the same result the second time I don’t remember if I had the flap or not

Well, you said it yourself.

You are NOT supposed to fly like that. Case closed.

If you want this to not happen again, simply don’t fly how you previously did.

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Perhaps @xSev put it out there a bit harsh, but he has a valid point.
Twice now you mentioned that this happens during a sharp turn. The 787 is a serious size aircraft. It may well be you’re trying to do things with it, its not desiged for…

(Every aircraft, looses speed and lift during sharp turns, and sometimes it may be that A LOT of extra throttle is needed, to keep it flying.)

The Boeing 787 is designed as a passenger aircraft, meant for flying long distances safely with passengers, not flying aerobatic maneuvers.

When a plane stalls, it means that it cannot generate enough lift to stay in the air, thus falling to the ground.

Maybe try not climbing as fast and waiting until you get to safer climb speed until you turn. Also try turning at a shallower angle. As mentioned above by @azeeuwnl, airplanes can loose speed when banking, so get to a higher speed, and bank at a lower angle.

For the best results, try not to bank past the line in the red circle.