The Boeing 777F is absolutely incredible!

Server: Training

Plan: KLAX- RJTT (2-stop)

Planned altitude (35,000 - 40,000 ft)

New altitude mid-flight change: 30,000

Notes: This 777 lost so much airspeed that it, literally stalled all the way down the 26,000ish. I reconfigured to FL300

I started a flight with a FedEx livery 777- (800?) heading from KLAX to RJTT. Now as a A350 sized twin engine aircraft I had obvious fuel concerns, if I was going down, it would be next to land dammit. So my flight plan sailed up the west coast towards Alaska in which I slowly turned making a stop for PAKN in case I needed fuel and would continue onward, my second stopincase I need fuel would’ve been UHPP (North of Japan and East of Malaysia/China). However, I slept…this freaking plan decided…not only to fly past PAKN…but almost all the way up to UHPP, no big deal but wait- it still has FIFTEEN HOURS OF FUEL. 30,000, at 290 kts. On a twin engine plane, this makes me wonder what kinds of flights is the A380 and other behemoths really made for if this double engine plane can cross the atlantic with such ease. (To be fair, I took off from KLAX with 100% fuel and normal cargo.

p.s I’m still flying 02:47 left.

Hey there!

You can feature your route in my B77F Route Database!


It’s not a featured route, it’s literally sharing a story. Complete opposite that can be posted.


Yeah, my main point was much less about the route but more about the complete awesomeness and range of the 777F.

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