The Boeing 777-9 receives a new customer

Excellent news coming out of Africa today!

Ethiopian Airlines has placed the first order in Africa for Boeing 777-9.

The deal and order consists of 20 B777-9s, spread as 8 firm orders and 12 options for more.

Ethiopian Airlines is showing great support for Boeing, as this order follows last year’s order for 31 new Boeing aircraft, spread across the 737 MAX with 20 orders and the 787 Dreamliner with 11 orders.

Ethiopian Airlines Places Africa’s 1st Boeing 777X Order (


I really hope Turkish Airlines will order the 777-9 as soon as possible…


Nice! I’m hoping that United or American order this aircraft one day


@IF_Turkey, I would definitely love to see Turkish place an order, I feel they could really profit from the 777-9.

@PhorzaSky, I think the 777-9 would definitely suit American airlines and would also allow some sort of phasing for older 777s.


Turkish announced that they would order 400 aircrafts and they already did 200 (only from Airbus which includes A321 neo, A350-900, A350-900XWB, A350-1000 and A350F). So I REALLY hope that the other 200 will be from Boeing and includes B777-9 and B737 MAX 10… I think they’re just waiting to make sure that Boeing finally finds a solution for the trippleseven and max

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I like how this order came out of nowhere. Good for Ethiopian, of course, their livery will look nice as usual!


Great news! I think the 779 orders will come pouring in once Boeing finally gets deliveries started and other airlines see how great it is


@MrMrMan, the order came very unexpectedly but I find it to be a great order and go idea for Ethiopian, this will allow new routes to enter their network!

@William_Aviator, I have to agree. Right now, orders are small, but I believe once deliveries are under way and other airlines realize how truly amazing the 777-9 is, plenty more will be ordered!