The Boeing 777-200ER

Okay so I bought the Boeing 777-200ER and I need help on flying it any tips

  1. The throttle is powerful. Don’t jam it up at full unless you want a violation

Other than that, I don’t have many problems with the 777. Quite a fun and kind of easy aircraft to handle.


Relatively high approach speeds. 150-160kts. otherwise pretty smooth to fly, easy to handle.

The landing and disengaging the Autopilot any tips on that too

Honestly this is my 2nd best plane in IF.
Tips: Make smooth turns and like @Boeing707 said, don’t jam the throttle at 100%, keep it around 65%, to maintain speed. I have had very smooth landings with the 777 series, so you may have the same experience with its flight and landings.

Kind of Off-Topic, but the ailerons those like on the 767,747 do not move. Kinda frustrating.

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I actually hardly ever use trim with this plane, and fly it just fine.

Okay thanks guys

In IF flying an A380 or a Cessna is almost the same :/