The Boeing 747-8F remains alive!

Volga-Dnepr Group and its subsidiary AirBridgeCargo Airlines has announced the order of 10 brand new Boeing 747-8F jets. As the 747-8 program is on life support with less then a dozen jets left being built on the books. The Volga-Dnepr Group brought it back to life. The cost is likely around $3.79 billion. But reports say that Volga-Dnepr is planning to get a discounted price.
Boeing was not immediately available to comment.
AirBridgeCargo Airlines currently operates eight Boeing 747-8Fs along with nine older 747-400 freighters.

(Picture from Boeing Media)


The queen will never die we hope, don’t we?
I love to see these masterpieces of design flying all around the world, unfortunately there are not many airlines buying them or even whiling to do so. I guess that because of the price it’s not so easy for mid size airlines to buy a considerable amount of 748s…


We’ll see the 747 fly for a long time, Now new ones I think we’ll slowly see it die off.


UPS has 6 already, and has ordered 22 by 2021 I believe. Cargo seems to be the only thing the Queen is good for anymore…


It’s a great cargo jet for sure!
I know when I worked with the Freighter series it got our job done extremely well.


Passenger airlines don’t want big planes anymore. That’s the truth. Cargo companies do only because they offer so much space.


A 777 can do almost the same job two times cheaper then the 747.

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That’s great news! I saw a UPS one in the final stages of being built in the past few weeks! Such an awesome sight

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Completely agree with you!

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Ah but the 777 has a max payload of 224,900LBS while the 747-8F has a max payload of 303,700LBS. That is a substantial difference with the 777 being able to carry a little over 2/3 what the the 747 can do. Also don’t forget the big front door for easy loading and unloading.


Probably should fix my comment
Passenger wise* lol. Now cargo wise the 747 hands down wins.


This is great news. I was starting to get concerned that Boeing is falling behind Airbus (even though I like Airbus as well) with the delay of the 797. Actually I don’t see anything Boeing is putting out right now that is a real game changer, do you? Not sure what’s their long term strategy to stay competitive…

Is anyone still buying 747s for passenger service?


Not that I know of

No not really. The B747-8 wasn’t anywhere near as good as the A380 so the A380 in turn got more orders, the B747-400’s are going to be in service for a few years to come thanks to BA as they are intentionally keeping them for sentimental purposes given how recognisable it is and how deep it’s heritage within BA goes. But the -8i was a failure really, the 8F is good but a lot of cargo operators can save lots of money converting old B747-400’s instead. Boeing are likely going to offer very steep discounts as usual to try and win some orders.


How yea figure that?

Airplanes about to be scrapped are cheaper than brand new aircraft.

I can see certain parts being cheaper.

The program hasnt been on life support in the last year since UPS opened up their pocket books for the B748Fs. Really this is just another indication of the re-emerging Air Cargo sector. The B747 will live on for many many years in this sector as long as another recession doesnt hit.

With the remaining 10 being left and no one else dropped an order* I would say that’s a life support.

*Before Volgar did