The Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 Experience [Trip Report]

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 Trip Report

Flight No: FR2656
Route: London Stansted (STN) 🇬🇧 - Paphos International (PFO) 🇨🇾
Airline: Ryanair UK
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 [EI-HEN]

As I’m sure we all know, the 737 MAX is a fairly controversial aircraft even to this day. So today when I found out it was scheduled for my Ryanair flight to Paphos I was rather delighted to be flying it, so decided to make a topic on the trip.

Now before someone thinks they’re funny and says hAhA rYaNaIr + 737 mAx dEaDlY cOmBiNaTiOn!!! It was a safe and pleasant flight with (surprise, surprise!) a great landing at the end, so please don’t go there thx.

Nothing quite beats an early flight, especially one of the first out of Stansted. Arriving at the airport nice and early at 4AM on a crisp October Morning.

After going through all the boring stuff (Check in, security, COVID document checking, etc) It was time for some good scran at spoons 🤤

It wasn’t long before a gate was given and it was time to board just before 6AM. Of course, boarding was done in a Ryanair style - by air stairs.

Here’s a picture on the inside with the new Ryanair Sky Interior (definitely not bad, massive upgrade from the old interior for sure)

No good pics on departure unfortunately due to it still being pitch black outside, but there was a beautiful sunrise somewhere over Western Europe.

Some nice scenery over Europe. The First is over Austria 🇦🇹 and the second somewhere near the Greek-Madedonian Border 🇬🇷🇲🇰

Entering left base for Runway 29 at Paphos

All in all, a good enough flight. I enjoyed flying on the 737 MAX and it’s definitely good to see them back in the air again, I would have no problem with flying it again in the future.

Thanks for Viewing

Bonus Picture

nice sunset ig


stop lying pls

How worse was the legroom?


Eh, Average. By European standards at least. It wasn’t luxurious obviously, but it would’ve been the same for the vast majority of European Airlines (in economy)


I’ve also seen ei-hen as well

When I flew EI-GSG from Alicante I think there was a jetbridge 🤔

Ye no, I wasn’t saying Ryanair never use jet bridges, but often it’s boarding by either the aircraft built in stairs or airport ones

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FANTASTIC pics love the MAX 8 200 💙💛💙💛 great views 👌🏽💯

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Thank you!

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Nice review! Looks like it was a good flight, and the pictures look great, especially that 4th one!


That interior looks very spacious! Love the trip report!

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Thanks! It was indeed a good flight!

It definitely is an improvement from the old interior, looks a lot cleaner too!

Thank you!


Also EI-HEN was the first MAX to be delivered to Ryanair 😌


Yup! Can’t wait for them to get more. They look great, especially on Buzz and Malta Air


the view you get on the winglets looks… bland imo

now Thats an IRL moonshot

lol that’s funny because the last time I flew Ryanair before this (KSC - STN) I got an unpainted winglet 🤣

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Malta looks alright but the buzz one looks like it was designed by a 7 year old or something.

that is just my opinion tho

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Idm both but do slightly prefer Malta Air myself, that livery is unreal 🤤

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