The Boeing 737 MAX 7 is Rolled Out in Renton, WA

I’ve never been a big fan of the old 737s, but there is something about the MAX that I love. It’s almost an indicator that there will always be a step up in terms of innovation and engineering.

Not every route can fill 175 seats multiple times a day. Also the 737-7 will have the longest legs of the family, I believe it is a shrink of the -8, same wing and gear and shorter with a max capacity of 150ish. Take the current -700 and stretch it by 6 feet and thats this bird. You could legit fly this bird transatlantic.

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When this comes In Gemini I won’t make the mistake I made last time. I’m buying like 10 of these. Because last time I didn’t buy Andrew of the new livery planes amen now my airport has no southwest.

Southwest will definitely be ordering more 737 MAX 7s. The 737-700 is a huge player in their fleet, with 512 of them.

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