The Boeing 737 MAX 7 is Rolled Out in Renton, WA


Today, the Boeing 737 MAX 7 was rolled out at Boeing’s Renton facility. The 737 MAX 7 is the smallest variant of the fuel-efficient, single-aisle MAX family from Boeing. The 737 MAX 7 is expected to enter commercial service with Southwest airlines in the first quarter of 2019. The 737 MAX 7 was met with Boeing employees, waiting to see their hard work in person.


Boeing 737 MAX 7 Specifications

Seating - 172 (Depends on airline configuration)
Length - 116ft 8in
Wingspan - 117ft 10in
Height - 40ft 4in
Fuel Capacity - 6,820gal
Ceiling - 41,000ft
MTOW - 177,000lbs
MLW - 145,600lbs
ICAO Type - B37M

The 737 MAX 7 from Boeing was based on the 737-700, an aircraft in Boeing’s 737NG series. The MAX 7 can accommodate 172 seats because of the fuselage being stretched 76in. There are 2 more rows on the 737 MAX 7 compared to its NG counterpart, the 737-700. Customers for the aircraft include Southwest Airlines (30), WestJet (23), Canada Jetlines (5), and ILFC Aviation (5).

(The registration of the first 737 MAX 7 is N7201S)

Why This is Important

The Boeing 737 MAX family is truly the future of aviation. The MAX 7 brings all new fuel efficiency, passenger comfort, and low operating costs to the table. The B37M will allow for all new routes, that can only handle small aircraft to be opened, and will fill the empty space in airlines’ fleet. This new aircraft is truly taking things to the MAX.


In my opinion, the 737 MAX 7 will revolutionize short haul travel. This aircraft will set the bar high in terms of passenger comfort, range, and fuel-efficiency. I think that as more and more airlines being using the shortest version of the 737 MAX, there will be more orders for it, as it “proves” itself.




It looks amazing!! Nice thread, very informative!


Thank you Connor! As usual, a lot of research goes into these types of topics to make sure all the facts I present are true.

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Oooooooo - Looks nice! Cant wait to see the Southwest Livery on it.


Looks quite sleek! Can’t wait to see it in service!


Happy Birthday, I love the how the blue lighting makes it look so sleek, too bad its not built in


That looks nice! Can’t wait to fly on one in the future.

The angle on the photo sure doesn’t make it look any longer than the current -700 though it should be about 6 feet longer.


Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it at ISP :)

It looks so gorgeous!

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… No way! The aircraft has sharklets and wiglets :O… Great find. I got to book some more Southwest flights.

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Oh, Is this the one that barely 60 orders?! Good luck Boeing!

I don’t like cockpit of the b737 max. Touchscreen and to much automation. And that grey cockpit 😖. To much industrial.
Sorry if this is off topic

Can’t wait to sand it down and paint it.

Still 30 more than the A319 NEO. The Smallest member of both fleets will of course have very few orders, especially with very few airlines flying big numbers of the 737-700 currently. Hell SWA has hundreds of -700s in the fleet and we still only ordered like 40 of them.

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The MAX screens are not touchscreen to my understanding. It’s basically a 737NG otherwise besides the engines and a few switches.

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Southwest is probably going to choose the Max 7 to start phasing our their older NG 700s so I am hopeful for more in the future.

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Hopefully! the bootleg 737 sucks to fly on :/

have been on the Max8 and it was really nice, the lighting is the best part ha


Seriously? I thought the 737 would finally go obsolete. They have the 738 and 739. Why are they going backward to the B737?

low traffic routes most likely