The Boeing 717 keeps on spinning on landing

The Boeing 717 keeps on spinning after touchdown,
Do you know why this happening? Just curious.


1). Your profile pic and name totally phsyced me out 😂

2). Try using the rudder to correct for crosswind, if that’s the issue.

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Hey there! The 717 is notorious in IF as being one of the worst aircraft to land due to not as good physics.
What are your speed and flap configuration upon landing?

usually if u land at a fast speed, you spin

Yes the 717 is the worst aircraft in infinite flight. The physics are horrible because the plane is old. Nothing Against the 717 it is great in real life 🙄

I hate flying the 717, totally embarrassed my self in Hawaii the other day.

After a little practice, it feels like any other plane, (at least for me)

Just keep trying, use the rudder, and don’t go too fast!


The 717 was the first aircraft I’ve flown in IF In 2012 and I can say I mastered it! I remember it being very tough at first. IF does need too rework this aircraft. It’s sad how dysfunctional it is on Infinite Flight.

Vote here for a rework for the 717!


The 717 seems like it has butter on it’s landing gear, which can be good for landings, I’ve buttered it and even @anon41771314 can probably land it with a V/S below -10,000 ,but then it slips like crazy on the rwy, I’ve done 360s in a 717 by mistake


A bit off topic, but now we have found the replacement of @Swiss since he left for xPlAnE. Presenting, Swiss002!


I mean, Xplane is better than IF but he hates IF so much that it doesn’t make sense at all.

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Wash your mouth with soap hahah

What do you mean?

Was a joke i rmemeber as a kid if i swore mum threatent to wash my mouth with soap 😅 (saying x plane is better is like a swear haha)

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Truth is truth, a mobile flight sim will never be better than a full blown pc flight sim.

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This is how you input a FPL IRL:

We do this in under 10 secs in IF.