The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser(Old school style)

I went and did it folks😂😂. I’m gonna talk about the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. That’s right I’m gonna give the old aircrafts some love too, without them where would we get inspiration. The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser which is huge(reminds me of a specific Airbus plane) was a large long- range airliner developed from the C-97 Stratofrieghter military transport( maybe able to fit your house,cars and collection of planes😄), itself a derivation of the B-29 Superfotress.


Role: Long range piston airline
National origin: The United States
Manufacturer: Boeing commercial Airplanes
First Flight:July 8,1949
Status: Retired
Primary user: Pan American World Airways
Number built: 56(not bad)
Unit cost: $1,225,000(1945)
Variants: Guppy, Aero spacelines Super and more…


The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was so huge it beat the Douglas Dc-6 and Lockheed Costellation. Sadly enough it couldn’t stay in the aviation market for long as it cost more to buy and operate and redial engines had too many problems(mostly the cylinder). In the end it was one big leap for Boeing and Airbus as it created many innovations that lead to what we have today and will continue to have in the feature.

It is in my books a legend

Note: Pleas give me feedback on what I can improve to make your experience better and if you would like me to do other planes. I did this all by hand no pasting invovled🤣😩 and I got all my sources from Wikipedia( I know right) There’s one other one like this but I made a note and added a bit more to it.




Wow those chairs in the cockpit look comfy. Nicely put together topic.


Thank you good sir. It took a lot of time but it was worth it😂
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The front was designed like it had somewhat of a nose but was smushed in after an accident.

Cool plane, would love to fly in it.

Nice topic!


Thanks for the feedback Demeter. It’s an intresting plane indeed. I would have loved to test fly.


What’s with the old wooden office chair in the middle of the cockpit? Sure is old school!

Even looks like a Guppy before the modifications!




Photos from the Tilamook Air Museums’s B377 covereted into a MiniGuppy N422AU


Beautiful but hideous at the same time.

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Amazing photos, good job

Thank you! Much Appreciated

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