The Blues and The Naval Aviation Museum

Here is my day at the Blues and the Naval Aviation Museum!

The first part I went to was the Blue Angels. I was a little skeptical on if they would preform or not because of the clouds and how low they were, but they went on anyways after the clearance from Blue Angel #5, they ended up doing their low show. (I don’t have the best pictures cause I took it on my iPhone). But here are some of them.

The Blues in their Diamond Four-Ship!

Here they are in their Delta but with only 5 jets. (#6 had a problem and couldn’t join, it basically flew around in circles the entire practice).

Those were really the only good ones I got, so now onto the museum.

Outside of the Museum is this beautiful Blue Angel Legacy Hornet with a nice new paint job!

Inside we have a T-28, which was actually stationed for training pilots at NAS Pensacola during its time in service.

Here we have another FA-18 Legacy Hornet, the Legacy’s are so cool.

In the many exhibits in the museum, you can see the old planes that they used to train and shoot down back In the day, the history behind these planes are really cool. This one was shot down in Lake Michigan and was recovered, partially repaired and put into the museum.

The main question is “How can we get this museum piece up in the air???” The F-14 is one of the best looking planes the Navy has ever had.

Right here is a lot of planes that I don’t know but this goes to show how many airplanes are at the museum. (if you know any of these planes please let me know).

This is a unique plane. It’s the F11F Tiger. I like the design of the plane a lot. The Blue Angels also used this plane from 1957-1969.

Finally hanging above from the museum is the Blue Angels A-4! Below you can see the line of people waiting to their autographs from the Blue Angels Pilots.

I have many more pictures, but I can only share 10 with y’all, the museum is a lot bigger than what these pictures show, and I would highly advise if you are ever down in the Panhandle area of Florida to go visit the museum and even have a chance to watch the Blues practice, it is open to everyone and you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading and have a spectacular day!


This is great! I just moved from the area not too long ago and I went there all the time! I made 2 topics on the museum, its great!

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This is so cool!

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That is really cool!

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It really is nice, one of the coolest museums I have ever been too.

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Yeah there is a plane called the vindicator which is the only one in the world that is restored there which is pretty cool

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I read about it today, did not know that was the case, really really cool!

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Yeah its really cool

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my dad trained in one of these in pensacola!

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Niceeeee, must’ve been a great plane to fly, I know many people who flew those planes!

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Nice shots, I saw an F4U Corsair, F-86 Sabre, and CH-47 they all looked great!

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