The Blue Sky of an Indian Ocean Paradise to a Sunset on the Plains of India


Look at me with my new, big, bold text. Last night I wanted to fly into an IFATC controlled airport in India, but I couldn’t find a good airport where I would takeoff and land in daylight. I’m happy I didn’t do an overnighter because I would’ve missed a very Inch Resting conversation in the AAVA Slack. I decided to fly in from Mauritius or the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. Air Mauritius flies this route in real life with their A330-900, but I used the A350 as the only Air Mauritius aircraft in IF. I’ve seen a lot about Mauritius and it’s neighboring island Reunion, but I’ve only flown to those airport once, and I’ve wanted to fly to them more. They are the definition of paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I wanted to fly over the sinking islands of the Maldives, so I made a custom flight plan with (nobody is gonna click that link today). I went to sleep at midnight, set an alarm for 2AM, woke up then to fly the plane to 10,000 feet, and then I slept for 6 more hours until 8 when it was time to start my approach into Delhi. I had a really cool sunset in Delhi and flight time was 6 hours and 49 minutes

Flight Details

Air Mauritius 643 Heavy
Airbus A350-900

🇲🇺 • 🇮🇳

Leaving the blue sky of paradise for a sunset in India’s biggest city Climbing past the blue water and the mountains of Mauritius One last view as we make our way North over the Indian Ocean for hours The circular islands of the Maldives are the only views over the vast Indian Ocean Approaching the Southwest Indian coast below the a rising moon Crossing India’s coast by the city of Kochi Descending into Delhi with our first view of the setting sun Approaching the sunlit plains of Delhi on approach to runway 28 On final approach as we fly into a 33 knot headwind (winds aloft issues :()
Touching down in Delhi!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

The Maldives, in picture 4 are made of how many islands, called atolls?

  • 3 Atolls
  • 14 Atolls
  • 26 Atolls

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The answer to the last question was
Taco Bell Claiming they Bought the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, renaming it the “Taco Liberty Bell”
Which 17% got correct!

And thank you @Prashant_Divedi for the ATC approaching Delhi!


What an interesting route! You have definitely caught my big attention with today’s flight post! Absolutely gorgeous pictures. 😍

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Very nice pics as usual! The moonshot is poppin. I’m pretty early…

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 2.21.58 PM


@SB110 thanks a lot! I love finding fun and interesting routes

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I forgot the Y in very, didnt i, either way it was an
Inch Resting conversation 😂
Great job making the meme btw

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Love the 2nd photo with the water and the mountains! Beautiful.

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A stunning island scenery, a sunset and a A350, you definitely can’t go wrong with that! I am now missing travelling even more…

Anyways, great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Looks like a truly wonderful flight. Thanks for sharing 😂

… right on the photo limit lol

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@FlightLA205 thank you! It’s a cool island to fly out of
@Liam06 it’s a really fun flight for sure!

It’s 3 of my favorite things! You’re right. I love my tropical islands, and the sunset and A350 don’t hurt 😂
Have you been to Mauritius before? During this whole Coronavirus thing, I’d be happy to just get out of my house, I really wish I could go to an island right now

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Wow a lot of screenshots in Delhi !

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Absolutely, same for me!

No, haven’t left Europe at all… But it reminded me of the great islands I’ve been here and would have been in the next weeks if all would be normal…

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Those shots look fantastic! I really liked the moonshot. Great job :)

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@Ifly_guy_yt thanks a lot! Moonshots are always cool :)

@GPilot118 Delhi was busy yesterday!


Delhi is always busy when @Prashant_Divedi is controlling :)


@Rohan625 yes it is! And I always know I will get a quick and efficient vector when he is controlling! :)

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