The Black floor Returns

So on a flight Im trying to do from Singapor to sydney the black floor returned, I tried clearning my scenery cache, and it didn’t work

I’m using an Iphone 7+

I’m pretty sure it’s due to a loss of wifi connection. Correct me if I’m wrong.

no its not, if it was there would be a message on the top right corner saying there is an issue with that but there isnt

What all have you tried? Make sure you have updated to the 18.1 version.

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I have the latest version of Infinite flight and I cleared the cache

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Have you restarted/reinstalled and all that stuff?

I cant right now I’m in the middle of a 7hr flight

When you complete your flight, try restarting/reinstalling and see if that does anything.

When the black floor happened to me, I had all green icons in the top right when I noticed there was a black floor. The WiFi connection could have been lost earlier in the flight. When you were not paying attention to the screen.

yes but now if the wifi is back shouldnt it work now?

The Black floor remained when I had gotten my WiFi back.


There’s nothing you can do while flying other than clearing the scenery cache.

Sometimes it resolves itself.


RIP ITS NOT A BLACK FLOOR THE CURRENT TIME OF DAY IS JUST MESSING WITH THE WAY THE OCEAN LOOKS, I changed the time of day and it looked normal so it only looks like a black floor right now XD


Thanks for the solution…