The Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport flyout

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  3. Follow all ATC instructions
  4. Use Unicom properly if there isn’t ATC
    About birmingham The Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport airport flyout by @Random_AviatorYT Birmingham Airport was made in 1931 with one runway and the airport made huge progress as time went by

Server: Expert

Airport: KBHM

Time: 2024-07-18T16:00:00Z2024-07-18T20:00:00Z


A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A01 American E175 KDFW
A02 American CRJ900 KCLT
A03 Southwest B738 KMCO
A04 Delta B739 KATL
A05 American E175 KMIA
A06 Delta CRJ900 KLGA
B Gates
Gates Airlines Aircraft Destnation Pilot
B1 American Crj900 KPHL
B2 American CRJ700 KDCA
B3 Southwest B738 KMDW
B4 Delta CRJ900 KDTW
B5 United E175 KIAH @Tharealjaay
C Gates
Gates Airline Aircraft Destnation Pilot
C1 Southwest B737-700 KDEN
C2 United CRJ700 KORD
C3 United E175 KDEN @deltaoutofdca
C4 Southwest B737-700 KTPA @whyevenbothernaming
C5 United E175 KIAH @Retreg
C6 Southwest 737-700 KLAS
Cargo ramp
Gate Airline Aircraft Destnation Pilot
Cargo 1 Fedex/genric B752 KMEM
Cargo 2 UPS/Genric B763 KSDF
Cargo 3 UPS/Genric B763 KPNS @Random_AviatorYT
Cargo 4 UPS/genric B763 KMSY

Could I have gate C4 to Tampa?

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I forgot to add the cargo terminal gotta add it rq

Can I get C5 to KIAH?

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sure ill put u down rn

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10 days left to sign up

Gate C3 please

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i forgot the atc list…

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can i get this one

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