The biggest VA

What is the biggest VA in infinite flight

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Hey Mate, some interesting stats can be found over at the IFVARB website containing certain answers to questions like these, there is a report coming out about the top 20 VA/VOs rn so look to see the stats in 3 days and it can give you an insight to the activity of VA/VO’s without having to apply to them. Unfortunately I cannot find any data on the biggest in terms of pilot number but I would assume something like QVG or AFKLM

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Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what the biggest VA is. However, you can visit the IFVARB website by clicking here. As stated above, there are stats on the IFVARB website. Most VAs keep their states updated and you can see how many pilots and routes they have, what aircrafts they use, and who’s on their staff team. One thing to keep in mind, there are some amazing smaller VAs. I like to call them hidden gems.

All in all, I would recommend going to the IFVABR website. Check out some VAs websites and thread. Those two things will have lots of information about the VA, and may help in your decision on which VA to join.

VAs are a ton of fun! Hope you find the right one!



I would think AMVA is up there

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AAVA is pretty big

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Let’s not have this turn into a VA promotion thread ;)

If you head over to you can see a variety of statistics collected on VAs including pilot numbers and activity levels. I’d say that’s a pretty good place to start, and there’s an activity check in process as we speak so you can be sure the numbers will be up to date.