The biggest problem in Training Server (KLAX)

Also, here’s the ATC manual for IF.
You can learn a lot from this compact explanation of everything you need to know to become IFATC

Good luck👍🙂

A few answers to your statements/questions above:

  1. If the go arounds are happening because of your controlling the best thing I can suggest is opening a single runway airport and practicing arrival/arrival, departure/arrival and arrival/departure situations as displayed in this video as this is often the cause of Go Arounds initiated by atc:
    Tower- Departures - YouTube

  2. If traffic is at a low/medium level there´s no such thing as a “too small” aircraft. Yes, it might not be appropriate for the airport in question (KLAX) but you can try and fit them in nonetheless. It´s great practice!

  3. This has and always will be a problem with the Training Server but you can enjoy it in other ways.

  • In real life there are bad pilots too, try and deal with them in a professional manner regardless of their experience.
  • You can always ignore a specific user or give them less attention if they are obviously trolling.
  • You can treat bad pilots as emergencies and fave some fun by creating room for them.
    (Just some personal ideas on how I used to have fun on the training server)
  1. Answered above-

  2. Everyone needs to start somewhere and the training server is one of the best places to do so ;)
    We have all had that first stressfull session at EGLL on the TS, people aren´t perfec but are always learning more.


This isnt a problem just in Training, its a problem on Expert aswell. Some people dont like to be realistic and as much as it bothers me sometimes there is nothing we can do

Training server isn’t lenient enough which is the problem here, its more like a amateur level experience. Its time it changed! Introducing similar stuff compared to expert would be helpful in a way to enjoy a better experience for all regardless if your new to if! Training server shouldn’t even be a level for trolls, that should be for casual not training!

Nobody goes around when told to 123456 go around. Say that once every 15 seconds they still land on the runway.

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this is training server some even grade 5s go there to relax and mess around. Its fine and unghostable.

I really think this thread has run its course and it’s not substantially different to other threads on the subject. I’m going to suggest it gets closed now to prevent it running on forever; to summarise:

  • The training server is largely unmoderated because it is by design a place to train and practice. People need somewhere to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment
  • Unfortunately that also comes with some risk of pilots who just don’t care no matter what you tell them
  • Large, popular airports and those with more than two runways are not always a productive place to train for the IFATC test
  • An ATC tracking thread can be helpful for attracting interested people to help you practice, if you keep it up to date.
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Agreed. Thanks for the discussion folks!