The biggest problem in Training Server (KLAX)

Hello. I am doing many Times of ATC in Los Angles. I want to talk some problems in KLAX in ATC. Hope IFATC can solve this problems.

  1. Planes always go around. I can’t make a better pattern work.

  2. Some planes is too small like GA aircraft. So that it will always make other plane crash together.

  3. The players don’t follow ATC instructions. Such as some Grade 5 players.

  4. The GRADE 2 ATC is too weak to solve the problem in a big airport. So it will make the traffic pattern messy.

  5. The new ATC will choose the big and busy airport EGLL or KLAX in their first time. So they will because too many planes and quit the server.

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Grade means nothing.

Unfortunately there do exist people on TS that just want to ruin other people’s experience and we just have to live with it.

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Hi, IFATC can’t solve these problems because the training server is for pilots to train their communications and controllers to train to maybe one day control on expert. I would suggest controlling in Manchester (EGCC) instead of KLAX - you get good traffic from Heathrow and the quality of pilots is, in my opinion, much better

Quick solution: don’t control KLAX in the training server.


But there is lack of people in other airport. 2 hours one plane

Then you should try to join IFATC if you meet all the requirements. You can also make an ATC tracking thread so pilots in the IFC come and evaluate your ATC skills.


I am joining IFATC in training

That’s cool. If you are really interested in ATC, i would still suggest you to join IFATC, where you can have a professional experience as ATC.

Here the requirements if you don’t already know them:

OK But I have a level 2 violation 2 weeks ago😭😭

That’s a pity.

In the meantime try to gain more ATC experience as you are already doing with the “IFATC in training” program. Make sure to revise the ATC manual so you can be fully prepared for the written test.

If you have any further questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask!


I don’t see that you have made any ATC tracking thread yet. ATC Tracking thread are really useful for you to practice your ATC skills. You may refer to the tutorial below on how to create one.

As mentioned in the guide, not recommended to open big airports like KLAX, EGLL, etc. You may wish to choose airports which has parallel runways to maximize your training


But I have made one

In that case, I may have missed it.

I totally agree with your statement there! Places like LA and Heathrow can get frequently congested overtime and its time they implemented changes to training server. One of things they need is second person as tower or ground for example, second having Notam would be useful so people know which runway to use and not to use like what they have on expert and last one being actually able to report people who are disobeying instructions. Never lose site of training, it can be fun but yeah there does need to be some integrity and respect in place to ensure enjoyable experience.

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Good idea bro😊😊

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Thxs man! Really appreciate it! 😊

@Fung_Sum-sum does have a tracking thread but it only seems to have been open once, two weeks ago. I would encourage you to use that to advertise your presence on the training server and you might find people drop by to give you some practice.

Just remember to keep the status up to date in the title, leaving it open after you close up is frustrating and will put people off.

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this is a very large issue and that is just TS if you want those realistic operations open up a smaller airport and announce it on your tracking thread.

He is aready in the program and have been in it for 2 weeks or so. C: @Edoardo_C

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